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Hu Qingyun - 2017 - Anion layering and steric hydration repulsion on positively...pdf.jpgHu, Qingyun ; Weber, Christian ; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Renner, Frank Uwe ; Valtiner, Markus Anion layering and steric hydration repulsion on positively charged surfaces in aqueous electrolytesArticle Artikel 5-Sep-2017
Dworschak-2021-Comparison of elemental resolved non-confined and restric...-smur.pdf.jpgDworschak, Dominik  ; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Ku, Ching-Shun ; Chiang, Ching-Yu ; Lin, Chia-Hsien ; Valtiner, Markus Comparison of elemental resolved non-confined and restricted electrochemical degradation of nickel base alloysPreprint Preprint 1-Sep-2021
Dworschak-2021-Complementary electrochemical ICP-MS flow cell and in-sit...-smur.pdf.jpgDworschak, Dominik  ; Brunnhofer, Carina ; Valtiner, Markus Complementary electrochemical ICP-MS flow cell and in-situ AFM study of the anodic desorption of molecular adhesion promotorsPreprint Preprint 1-May-2021
Wieser Valentina - 2021 - Construction of a 3-Mirror Interferometer Surface...pdf.jpgWieser, Valentina Construction of a 3-Mirror interferometer surface forces apparatus and its application for measuring biophysical interactionsThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
Moreno Ostertag Laila Maria - 2019 - Decoding single-molecular reactions and...pdf.jpgMoreno Ostertag, Laila Maria Decoding single-molecular reactions and interactions at solid/liquid interfacesThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
Imre Alexander Michael - 2021 - Electrochemically Switchable Adhesion of a...pdf.jpgImre, Alexander Michael Electrochemically switchable adhesion of a catechol functionalized monolayerThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
Brunnhofer Carina - 2021 - Method development for characterizing corrosion and...pdf.jpgBrunnhofer, Carina Elektrochemische Methodenentwicklung zur Charakterisierung von Korrosion und Korrosionsschutz mit einer elektrochemischen ICP-MS FlusszelleThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
Cheng Hsiu-Wei - 2020 - Forces structures and ion mobility in...pdf.jpgCheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Valtiner, Markus Forces, structures, and ion mobility in nanometer-to-subnanometer extreme spatial confinements: Electrochemisty and ionic liquidsArticle Artikel Jun-2020
Bilotto-2019-Interaction Profiles and Stability of Rigid and Polymer-Tethe...-ao.pdf.jpgBilotto, Pierluigi ; Lengauer, Maximilian Michael ; Andersson, Jakob ; Ramach, Ulrich ; Mears, Laura Louise Elizabeth ; Valtiner, Markus Interaction Profiles and Stability of Rigid and Polymer-Tethered Lipid Bilayer Models at Highly Charged and Highly Adhesive ContactsPreprint Preprint 25-Jun-2019
Kalchgruber Lukas - 2020 - A combined experimental and theoretical study for...pdf.jpgKalchgruber, Lukas Komplementäre experimentelle und theoretische Untersuchungen zur Optimierung einer elektrochemischen ICP-MS DurchflusszelleThesis Hochschulschrift 2020
Buchner Florian - 2020 - Load dependence of the ab-initio real contact area.pdf.jpgBuchner, Florian Load dependence of the ab-initio real contact areaThesis Hochschulschrift 2020
Merola-2019-Nanometer Resolved Real Time Visualization of Acidification an...-ao.pdf.jpgMerola, Claudia ; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Dworschak, Dominik  ; Ku, Ching-Shun ; Chiang, Ching-Yu ; Renner, Frank Uwe ; Valtiner, Markus Nanometer Resolved Real Time Visualization of Acidification and Material Breakdown in ConfinementPreprint Preprint 23-May-2019
Wieser-2021-Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A Vacuum, Surfaces a...-vor.pdf.jpgWieser, Valentina ; Bilotto, Pierluigi ; Ramach, Ulrich ; Yuan, Hui ; Schwenzfeier, Kai Alexander  ; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Valtiner, Markus Novel in situ sensing surface forces apparatus for measuring gold versus gold, hydrophobic, and biophysical interactionsArticle Artikel 1-Mar-2021
Schwenzfeier-2019-The Review of scientific instruments-vor.pdf.jpgSchwenzfeier, Kai Alexander  ; Erbe, Andreas ; Bilotto, Pierluigi ; Lengauer, Maximilian Michael ; Merola, Claudia ; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Mears, Laura Louise Elizabeth ; Valtiner, Markus Optimizing multiple beam interferometry in the surface forces apparatus: Novel optics, reflection mode modeling, metal layer thicknesses, birefringence, and rotation of anisotropic layersArticle Artikel Apr-2019
Dworschak Dominik - 2020 - Photocorrosion of ZnO Single Crystals during...pdf.jpgDworschak, Dominik  ; Brunnhofer, Carina ; Valtiner, Markus Photocorrosion of ZnO Single Crystals during Electrochemical Water SplittingArticle Artikel 9-Nov-2020
Dworschak-2021-Corrosion Science-vor.pdf.jpgDworschak, Dominik  ; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Ku, Ching-Shun ; Chiang, Ching-Yu ; Lin, Chia-Hsien ; Valtiner, Markus Spectroelectrochemical Comparison of Elemental Resolved non-confined and Crevice Corrosion of Nickel Base AlloysArticle Artikel Sep-2021
Lengauer Maximilian - 2018 - Stability of lipid layer systems under high...pdf.jpgLengauer, Maximilian Stability of lipid layer systems under high adhesionThesis Hochschulschrift 2018
Weiss-2019-Structure and Dynamics of Confined Liquids Challenges and Per...-smur.pdf.jpgWeiss, Henning ; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Mars, Julian ; Li, Hailong ; Merola, Claudia ; Renner, Frank Uwe ; Honkimäki, Veijo  ; Valtiner, Markus ; Mezger, Markus  Structure and Dynamics of Confined Liquids: Challenges and Perspectives for the X-ray Surface Forces ApparatusPreprint Preprint 2-May-2019
Moreno Ostertag Laila - 2018 - Tether-Length Dependence of Bias in Equilibrium...pdf.jpgMoreno Ostertag, Laila ; Utzig, Thomas ; Klinger, Christine ; Valtiner, Markus Tether-Length Dependence of Bias in Equilibrium Free-Energy Estimates for Surface-to-Molecule Unbinding ExperimentsArticle Artikel 31-Oct-2018
Stock Philipp - 2017 - Unraveling Hydrophobic Interactions at the Molecular...pdf.jpgStock, Philipp ; Monroe, Jacob ; Utzig, Thomas ; Shell, Scott ; Smith, David ; Valtiner, Markus Unraveling Hydrophobic Interactions at the Molecular Scale Using Force Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics SimulationsArticle Artikel 2017