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Baumgartner Bettina - 2020 - 3D-Printing for Low-Cost and Versatile Attenuated...pdf.jpgBaumgartner, Bettina  ; Freitag, Stephan  ; Lendl, Bernhard  3D-Printing for Low-Cost and Versatile Attenuated Total Reflection Infrared SpectroscopyArticle Artikel 2020
Freitag Stephan - 2019 - An Acoustic Trap for Bead Injection Attenuated Total...pdf.jpgFreitag, Stephan  ; Baumgartner, Bettina  ; Tauber, Stefan ; Gasser, Christoph ; Radel, Stefan ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Lendl, Bernhard  An Acoustic Trap for Bead Injection Attenuated Total Reflection Infrared SpectroscopyArticle Artikel 23-May-2019
Alcaraz Mirta Raquel - 2017 - Application of MCR-ALS to reveal intermediate...pdf.jpgAlcaráz, Mirta Raquel ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Goicoechea, Héctor; Lendl, Bernhard  Application of MCR-ALS to reveal intermediate conformations in the thermally induced α-β transition of poly-l-lysine monitored by FT-IR spectroscopyArticle Artikel 2017
Steinbacher Sophia - 2019 - ATR FTIR spectroscopy for In Situ monitoring of...pdf.jpgSteinbacher, Sophia ATR FTIR spectroscopy for In Situ monitoring of protein interaction with mesoporous silica filmsThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
Mayerhoefer Thomas - 2020 - Beyond Beers law - why the index of refraction...pdf.jpgMayerhöfer, Thomas ; Dabrowska, Alicja  ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Lendl, Bernhard  ; Popp, Jürgen Beyond Beer’s law – why the index of refraction depends (almost) linearly on concentrationArticle Artikel 2020
Schwaighofer Andreas - 2018 - Beyond FT-IR spectroscopy EC-QCL based mid-IR...pdf.jpgSchwaighofer, Andreas  ; Montemurro, Milagros ; Freitag, Stephan  ; Kristament, Christian ; Culzoni, Maria Julia ; Lendl, Bernhard  Beyond FT-IR spectroscopy: EC-QCL based mid-IR transmission spectroscopy of proteins in the amide I and amide II regionArticle Artikel 2018
Dabrowska-2021-Sensors and Actuators B Chemical-vor.pdf.jpgDabrowska, Alicja  ; David, Mauro ; Freitag, Stephan  ; Andrews, Aaron Maxwell  ; Strasser, Gottfried  ; Hinkov, Borislav  ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Lendl, Bernhard  Broadband laser-based mid-infrared spectroscopy employing a quantum cascade detector for milk protein analysisArticle Artikel 7-Oct-2021
Schwaighofer_Broadband laser-based mid-IR spectroscopy for_2021.pdf.jpgSchwaighofer, Andreas  ; Akhgar, Christopher Karim ; Lendl, Bernhard  Broadband laser-based mid-IR spectroscopy for analysis of proteins and monitoring of enzyme activityArticle Artikel 15-May-2021
Lendl Bernhard - 2016 - Cantilever-enhanced photoacoustic detection of hydrogen...pdf.jpgLendl, Bernhard  ; Moser, Harald Cantilever-enhanced photoacoustic detection of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) using NIR telecom laser sources near 1.6 µmArticle Artikel 2016
Reisenbauer Florian - 2017 - Charakterisierung eines neuartigen AFM-IR Systems...pdf.jpgReisenbauer, Florian Charakterisierung eines neuartigen AFM-IR Systems anhand von ModellprobenThesis Hochschulschrift 2017
Ramer Georg - 2016 - Development and characterization of a near-field infrared...pdf.jpgRamer, Georg  Development and characterization of a near-field infrared microscope by the coupling of AFM and QCL spectroscopyThesis Hochschulschrift 2016
Moser Harald - 2016 - Development and implementation of an industrial process...pdf.jpgMoser, Harald Development and implementation of an industrial process gas monitoring system for H2S based on mid-infrared quantum cascade laser spectroscopyThesis Hochschulschrift 2016
Haberkorn Michael - 2003 - Development and implementation of novel interfaces...pdf.jpgHaberkorn, Michael Development and implementation of novel interfaces for miniaturized analysis systems with vibrational spectroscopic detectionThesis Hochschulschrift 2003
Wacht Dominik - 2021 - Development of a mesoporous ZrO2-coating for sensing...pdf.jpgWacht, Dominik Development of a mesoporous ZrO2-coating for sensing applications using ATR-FTIR spectroscopyThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
Horak Felix - 2015 - Development of an ultra-sonic separation cell for on-line...pdf.jpgHorak, Felix Development of an ultra-sonic separation cell for on-line sample-pretreatment prior to ICP-OES AnalysisThesis Hochschulschrift 2015
Srajer Johannes - 2014 - Double-layered nanoparticle stacks for surface enhanced...pdf.jpgSrajer, Johannes; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Ramer, Georg  ; Rotter, Stefan  ; Guenay, Bilal ; Kriegner, Albert ; Knoll, Wolfgang ; Lendl, Bernhard  ; Nowak, ChristophDouble-layered nanoparticle stacks for surface enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopyArticle Artikel 2014
Lendl Bernhard - 2016 - EC-QCL mid-IR transmission spectroscopy for monitoring...pdf.jpgLendl, Bernhard  ; Alcaráz, Mirta R. ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Goicoechea, HéctorEC-QCL mid-IR transmission spectroscopy for monitoring dynamic changes of protein secondary structure in aqueous solution on the example of β-aggregation in alcohol-denaturated α-chymotrypsinArticle Artikel 2016
Srajer Johannes - 2014 - Experimental Study on Localized Surface Plasmon Mode...pdf.jpgSrajer, Johannes ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Ramer, Georg  ; Frank, Pinar ; Lendl, Bernhard  ; Nowak, Christoph Experimental Study on Localized Surface Plasmon Mode Hybridization in the Near and Mid InfraredArticle Artikel 2014
Strutzenberger Diana Viktoria - 2016 - Experiments and simulation of...pdf.jpgStrutzenberger, Diana Viktoria Experiments and simulation of piezoceramic transducers for a new FT IR testing probeThesis Hochschulschrift 2016
Lindner Stefan - 2019 - External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser based Mid-IR...pdf.jpgLindner, Stefan ; Hayden, Jakob ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Wolflehner, Tobias ; Kristament, Christian ; González-Cabrera, Maria ; Zlabinger, Stefan ; Lendl, Bernhard  External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser based Mid-IR Dispersion Spectroscopy for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Liquid-Phase SamplesArticle Artikel 2019