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Barban Alexandre Franz - 2017 - An analysis on the effects of disruptive...pdf.jpgBarban, Alexandre Franz An analysis on the effects of disruptive mega-trends on work : a study on AustriaThesis Hochschulschrift 2017
Krofak Ivan - 2019 - Application of blockchain technology in energy-efficiency...pdf.jpgKrofak, Ivan Application of blockchain technology in energy-efficiency sector investments in emerging marketsThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
Merzlyakov Leonid - 2019 - The Austrian startup ecosystem an analysis of its...pdf.jpgMerzlyakov, Leonid The Austrian startup ecosystem: an analysis of its competitive position among EU countries and its attractiveness to entrepreneurs from selected CIS countriesThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
Schmid Fabian Tobias David - 2019 - Banks need to rethink their approach towards...pdf.jpgSchmid, Fabian Tobias David Banks need to rethink their approach towards strategy - an agile focus strategy approach for established companies to survive in an uncertain worldThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
Aberer Christian - 2018 - Business opportunities for virtual augmented mixed...pdf.jpgAberer, Christian Business opportunities for virtual / augmented / mixed realityThesis Hochschulschrift 2018
Beyer Thomas - 2017 - Cloud-based characterization of tumour lesions in cancer...pdf.jpgBeyer, Thomas Cloud-based characterization of tumour lesions in cancer patients : a business plan for a University spin-offThesis Hochschulschrift 2017
Shmelev Andrei - 2019 - David vs Goliath examining market entry of high-tech...pdf.jpgShmelev, Andrei “David vs. Goliath”: examining market entry of high-tech start-ups in the electric toothbrush industryThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
Stoitsova Kristina Dimitrova - 2015 - Design methods for innovative software...pdf.jpgStoitsova, Kristina Dimitrova Design methods for innovative software products and servicesThesis Hochschulschrift 2015
Gemeiner Thomas - 2016 - Development of a strategic innovation management...pdf.jpgGemeiner, Thomas Development of a strategic innovation management process : by using the example of a new established product group within a global active enterpriseThesis Hochschulschrift 2016
Kladensky Thomas - 2016 - Development of an innovation strategy based on an...pdf.jpgKladensky, Thomas Development of an innovation strategy : based on an example of an electric wholesale traderThesis Hochschulschrift 2016
Feichtinger Gudula - 2018 - Digitalization in SME a framework to get from...pdf.jpgFeichtinger, Gudula Digitalization in SME : a framework to get from strategy to actionThesis Hochschulschrift 2018
Chriti Belgacem - 2014 - Digitization of services for the unserved in East...pdf.jpgChriti, Belgacem Digitization of services for the unserved in East Africa through mobile phoneThesis Hochschulschrift 2014
Borny Robert - 2013 - Do we have an opportunity window for the economic...pdf.jpgBorny, Robert Do we have an opportunity window for the economic execution of the development in medical image distribution technology? : a theoretical feasibility studyThesis Hochschulschrift 2013
Farzan Farhang - 2019 - The effect of cultural diversity between middle east and...pdf.jpgFarzan, Farhang The effect of cultural diversity between middle east and Europe on business successThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
Parokha Anastasiia - 2019 - The entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Ukraine...pdf.jpgParokha, Anastasiia The entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Ukraine: challenges and opportunities when launching IT companiesThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
Castro Torres Diego Alexander - 2016 - Feasibility analysis of biogas for...pdf.jpgCastro Torres, Diego Alexander Feasibility analysis of 'biogas for cooking' generation based on human waste aimed to low-income population in ColombiaThesis Hochschulschrift 2016
Minofiev Sergey - 2017 - Financial technologies impact on banking services new...pdf.jpgMinofiev, Sergey Financial technologies impact on banking services : new threats and new opportunitiesThesis Hochschulschrift 2017
Tomic Slobodanka Dana Kathrin - 2018 - How artificial intelligence AI innovators...pdf.jpgTomic, Slobodanka Dana Kathrin How artificial intelligence (AI) innovators profit from innovation in digital platform ecosystems : an explorative business model studyThesis Hochschulschrift 2018
Semenchenko Maria - 2016 - How blockchain technology and other innovations...pdf.jpgSemenchenko, Maria How blockchain technology and other innovations change(d) the future of bankingThesis Hochschulschrift 2016
Kristo Raul Christian - 2017 - Innovation among SMEs in the DACH region...pdf.jpgKristo, Raul Christian ; Cruz Medina, Eduardo Innovation among SMEs in the DACH region : assessment of the status quo and the development of an innovation frameworkThesis Hochschulschrift 2017