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Mueller Roland - 2006 - CGE-on-the-chip planar SDS-PAGE and MALDI-TOF-MS...pdf.jpgMüller, RolandCGE-on-the-chip, planar SDS-PAGE and MALDI-TOF-MS investigations of proteins and dendrimers with molecular weights beyond 200 kDaThesis Hochschulschrift 2006
Laschober Christian - 2007 - Characterization of proteins viruses nano silica...pdf.jpgLaschober, ChristianCharacterization of proteins, viruses, nano silica particles, non-covalent complexes and dendrimers by means of Gas Phase Electrophoretic Macromolecule Mobility Analysis (GEMMA) and Parallel Differential Mobility Analysis (PDMA)Thesis Hochschulschrift 2007
Pisarova Lucia - 2013 - Condition monitoring of ionic liquids as novel...pdf.jpgPisárová, Lucia Condition monitoring of ionic liquids as novel industrial lubricants by means of artificial alteration and selected analytical techniques : LDI-TOF-MS and tandem MS, HPLC-ESI-MS, GC-EI-MSThesis Hochschulschrift 2013
Braunrath Roswitha - 2010 - Development of proteomic tools for the...pdf.jpgBraunrath, Roswitha Development of proteomic tools for the identification of PC-1 associated proteins in human embryonic kidney 293 cellsThesis Hochschulschrift 2010
Grunert Tom - 2009 - The effect of tyrosine kinase 2 Tyk2 deficiency on primary...pdf.jpgGrunert, Tom The effect of tyrosine kinase 2 (Tyk2) deficiency on primary murine macrophages monitored by qualitative and quantitative proteomic analysisThesis Hochschulschrift 2009
Winkler Wolfgang - 2006 - Establishment of a proteomic workflow for biomarker...pdf.jpgWinkler, Wolfgang Establishment of a proteomic workflow for biomarker research in blood cell samplesThesis Hochschulschrift 2006
Bonazza Klaus - 2016 - Flow regulation of hemostasis by the mechano-sensitive...pdf.jpgBonazza, Klaus Flow regulation of hemostasis by the mechano-sensitive protein von Willebrand FactorThesis Hochschulschrift 2016
Besser Charlotte - 2015 - Impact of bio-ethanol as oxygenated fuel component in...pdf.jpgBesser, Charlotte Impact of bio-ethanol as oxygenated fuel component in gasoline on the engine oil performanceThesis Hochschulschrift 2015
Dong Hongjuan - 2010 - Intact cell mass spectrometry of mycotoxin-producing...pdf.jpgDong, Hongjuan Intact cell mass spectrometry of mycotoxin-producing Fusarium fungi for differentiation and protein identificationThesis Hochschulschrift 2010
Hirschmann Jasmin - 2008 - Sample preparation for matrix-assisted laser...pdf.jpgHirschmann, Jasmin Sample preparation for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry (MALDI MS) and gas phase electrophoretic macromolecular mobility analyzer (GEMMA) related to proteins, polymers and intact Fusarium sporesThesis Hochschulschrift 2008