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Ofner Johannes - 2017 - Image-based chemical structure determination.pdf.jpgOfner, Johannes ; Brenner, Florian ; Wieland, Karin; Eitenberger, Elisabeth ; Kirschner, Johannes ; Eisenmenger-Sittner, Christoph; Török, Szilvia; Döme, Balazs; Konegger, Thomas ; Kasper-Giebl, Anne ; Hutter, Herbert; Friedbacher, Gernot; Lendl, Bernhard  ; Lohninger, Hans Image-based chemical structure determinationArticle Artikel 2017
Moser Harald - 2017 - Implementation of a quantum cascade laser-based gassensor...pdf.jpgMoser, Harald ; Pölz, Walter ; Waclawek, Johannes Paul ; Ofner, Johannes ; Lendl, Bernhard  Implementation of a quantum cascade laser-based gassensor prototype for sub-ppmv H2S measurementsin a petrochemical process gas streamArticle Artikel 2017
Baumgartner Bettina - 2018 - In Situ IR Spectroscopy of Mesoporous Silica Films...pdf.jpgBaumgartner, Bettina  ; Hayden, Jakob ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Lendl, Bernhard  In Situ IR Spectroscopy of Mesoporous Silica Films for Monitoring Adsorption Processes and Trace AnalysisArticle Artikel 2018
Baumgartner, Bettina  ; Hayden, Jakob ; Lendl, Bernhard  Mesoporous silica films for sensing volatile organic compounds using attenuated total reflection spectroscopyArticle Artikel 2020
Hayden Jakob - 2019 - Mid-infrared sensing of CO at saturated absorption...pdf.jpgHayden, Jakob ; Baumgartner, Bettina  ; Waclawek, Johannes P. ; Lendl, Bernhard  Mid-infrared sensing of CO at saturated absorption conditions using intracavity quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopyArticle Artikel 2019
Baumgartner Bettina - 2019 - Mid-infrared spectroscopy and porous oxides from...pdf.jpgBaumgartner, Bettina  Mid-infrared spectroscopy and porous oxides : from trace analysis to interactions at surfacesThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
Dabrowska Alicja - 2020 - Mid-IR refractive index sensor for detecting proteins...pdf.jpgDabrowska, Alicja ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Lindner, Stefan ; Lendl, Bernhard  Mid-IR refractive index sensor for detecting proteins employing an external cavity quantum cascade laser-based Mach-Zehnder interferometerArticle Artikel 23-Nov-2020
Kristament Christian - 2014 - MID-IR transmission spectroscopy of proteins in...pdf.jpgKristament, Christian MID-IR transmission spectroscopy of proteins in aqueous solution with an external cavity quantum cascade laserThesis Hochschulschrift 2014
Zorin Ivan - 2020 - Multimodal mid-infrared optical coherence tomography and...pdf.jpgZorin, Ivan Multimodal mid-infrared optical coherence tomography and spectroscopyThesis Hochschulschrift 2020
Nagl Andreas - 2015 - Nanodiamond particles for diamond magnetometry in...pdf.jpgNagl, Andreas Nanodiamond particles for diamond magnetometry in biological systemsThesis Hochschulschrift 2015
Balbekova Anna - 2017 - Near- and far-field mid-infrared spectroscopy and...pdf.jpgBalbekova, Anna Near- and far-field mid-infrared spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging for biomedical applicationsThesis Hochschulschrift 2017
Wieland Karin - 2019 - New approaches in vibrational spectroscopy for particle...pdf.jpgWieland, Karin New approaches in vibrational spectroscopy for particle sensing at the micro-and nanoscaleThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
Genner Andreas - 2016 - A new method for monitoring clean-in-place processes by...pdf.jpgGenner, Andreas A new method for monitoring clean-in-place processes by using quantum cascade lasersThesis Hochschulschrift 2016
Akhgar Christopher Karim - 2020 - The Next Generation of IR Spectroscopy...pdf.jpgAkhgar, Christopher Karim ; Ramer, Georg  ; Żbik, Mateusz ; Trajnerowicz, Artur ; Pawluczyk, Jarosław ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Lendl, Bernhard  The Next Generation of IR Spectroscopy: EC-QCL-Based Mid-IR Transmission Spectroscopy of Proteins with Balanced DetectionArticle Artikel 21-Jul-2020
Comnea-Stancu Ionela Raluca - 2016 - On the Identification of RayonViscose as a...pdf.jpgComnea-Stancu, Ionela Raluca ; Wieland, Karin ; Ramer, Georg  ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Lendl, Bernhard  On the Identification of Rayon/Viscose as a Major Fraction of Microplastics in the Marine Environment : Discrimination between Natural and Man-made Cellulosic Fibers by Fourier Transform Infrared SpectroscopyArticle Artikel 2016
Genner Andreas - 2017 - On-line monitoring of methanol and methyl formate in the...pdf.jpgGenner, Andreas ; Gasser, Christoph ; Moser, Harald ; Ofner, Johannes ; Schreiber, Josef ; Lendl, Bernhard  On-line monitoring of methanol and methyl formate in the exhaust gas of an industrial formaldehyde production plant by a mid-IR gas sensor based on tunable Fabry-Pérot filter technologyArticle Artikel 2017
Schwaighofer Andreas - 2020 - pH titration of -lactoglobulin monitored by...pdf.jpgSchwaighofer, Andreas  ; Alcaraz, Mirta Raquel ; Lux, Laurin ; Lendl, Bernhard  pH titration of β-lactoglobulin monitored by laser-based Mid-IR transmission spectroscopy coupled to chemometric analysisArticle Artikel 2020
Kristament Christian - 2018 - A photothermal Mach-Zehnder interferometer for...pdf.jpgKristament, Christian ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Montemurro, Milagros; Lendl, Bernhard  A photothermal Mach-Zehnder interferometer for measuring caffeine and proteins in aqueous solutions using external cavity quantum cascade lasersInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2018
Freitag - 2020 - Polarimetric Balanced Detection Background-Free Mid-IR Evane....pdf.jpgFreitag, Stephan  ; Baer, Matthias ; Buntzoll, Laura ; Ramer, Georg  ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Schmauss, Bernhard  ; Lendl, Bernhard  Polarimetric Balanced Detection: Background-Free Mid-IR Evanescent Field Laser Spectroscopy for Low-Noise, Long-term Stable Chemical SensingArticle Artikel 29-Dec-2020
Baumgartner Bettina - 2019 - Pore Size-Dependent Structure of Confined Water in...pdf.jpgBaumgartner, Bettina  ; Hayden, Jakob ; Loizillon, Jérôme ; Steinbacher, Sophia ; Grosso, David ; Lendl, Bernhard  Pore Size-Dependent Structure of Confined Water in Mesoporous Silica Films from Water Adsorption-Desorption using ATR-FTIR SpectroscopyArticle Artikel 2019