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Hoegstroem Elin - 2014 - Assessing seasonal backscatter variations with respect...pdf.jpgHögström, Elin ; Trofaier, Anna Maria ; Gouttevin, Isabelle ; Bartsch, AnnettAssessing seasonal backscatter variations with respect to uncertainties in soil moisture retrieval in Siberian tundra regionsArticle Artikel 2014
Trofaier A M - 2013 - Assessment of spring floods and surface water extent over...pdf.jpgTrofaier, A. M. ; Bartsch, Annett; Rees, W. G. ; Leibman, M. O. Assessment of spring floods and surface water extent over the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous districtArticle Artikel 2013
Reschke Julia - 2012 - Capability of C-band SAR for operational wetland...pdf.jpgReschke, Julia ; Bartsch, Annett; Schlaffer, Stefan ; Schepaschenko, Dmitry Capability of C-band SAR for operational wetland monitoring at high latitudesArticle Artikel 2012
Gouttevin I - 2013 - A comparison between remotely-sensed and modelled surface...pdf.jpgGouttevin, I. ; Bartsch, Annett; Krinner, G. ; Naeimi, V. A comparison between remotely-sensed and modelled surface soil moisture (and frozen status) at high latitudesArticle Artikel 2013
Semmens Kathryn Alese - 2013 - Early snowmelt events detection distribution and...pdf.jpgSemmens, Kathryn Alese ; Ramage, Joan ; Bartsch, Annett; Liston, Glen E. Early snowmelt events: detection, distribution, and significance in a major sub-arctic watershedArticle Artikel 2013
Zwieback Simon - 2011 - Probabilistic fusion of Ku and C band scatterometer data...pdf.jpgZwieback, SimonProbabilistic fusion of Ku and C band scatterometer data for determining the freeze/thaw stateThesis Hochschulschrift 2011
Trofaier Anna Maria Angelica - 2010 - Thermokarst thaw lakes in Polar regions...pdf.jpgTrofaier, Anna Maria Angelica Thermokarst thaw lakes in Polar regions : evaluating the need for pan-Arctic monitoring of periglacial environmentsThesis Hochschulschrift 2010
Stabel Florian - 2012 - User-driven manipulation of geospatial data.pdf.jpgStabel, Florian User-driven manipulation of geospatial dataThesis Hochschulschrift 2012
Paulik Christoph - 2011 - Validation and improvement of the FreezeThaw detection...pdf.jpgPaulik, ChristophValidation and improvement of the Freeze/Thaw detection algorithm from ASCAT dataThesis Hochschulschrift 2011