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Hengl Herwig Leopold - 2017 - Development and application of numerical...pdf.jpgHengl, Herwig Leopold Development and application of numerical simulation tools for the prediction of the structural behaviour of paving block pavementsThesis Hochschulschrift 2017
Balduzzi Giuseppe - 2018 - Estimation of GLT beam stiffness based on homogenized...pdf.jpgBalduzzi, Giuseppe; Kandler, Georg; Füssl, JosefEstimation of GLT beam stiffness based on homogenized board mechanical properties and composite beam theoryInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2018
Kandler Georg - 2018 - Experimental study on glued laminated timber beams with...pdf.jpgKandler, Georg ; Lukacevic, Markus ; Füssl, JosefExperimental study on glued laminated timber beams with well-known knot morphologyArticle Artikel 2018
Pillwein Stefan - 2017 - Gestaltung von Freiform-Holztragwerken durch elastische...pdf.jpgPillwein, Stefan Gestaltung von Freiform-Holztragwerken durch elastische VerformungThesis Hochschulschrift 2017
Balduzzi Giuseppe - 2017 - Linear response of a planar FGM beam with non-linear...pdf.jpgBalduzzi, Giuseppe; Aminbaghai, Mehdi; Füssl, JosefLinear response of a planar FGM beam with non-linear variation of the mechanical propertiesInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2017
Balduzzi, Giuseppe; Morganti, Simone; Füssl, Josef; Aminbaghai, Mehdi; Reali, Alessandro; Auricchio, FerdinandoModeling the non-trival behavior of anisotropic beams: a simple Tomoshenko beam with enhanced stress recovery and constitutive relationsArticle Artikel 2019
Balduzzi Giuseppe - 2016 - Non-prismatic Beams a Simple and Effective...pdf.jpgBalduzzi, Giuseppe; Aminbaghai, Mehdi; Sacco, Elio; Füssl, Josef; Eberhardsteiner, Josef ; Auricchio, FerdinandoNon-prismatic Beams: a Simple and Effective Timoshenko-like ModelArticle Artikel 2016
Balduzzi Giuseppe - 2017 - Non-prismatic thin-walled beams critical issues and...pdf.jpgBalduzzi, Giuseppe; Sacco, Elio; Auricchio, Ferdinando; Füssl, JosefNon-prismatic thin-walled beams: critical issues and effective modelingInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2017
Lukacevic Markus - 2016 - A numerical approach to describe failure of wood -...pdf.jpgLukacevic, Markus ; Füssl, Josef; Eberhardsteiner, Josef A numerical approach to describe failure of wood - From the wood cell level up to wood-based productsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2016
Groestlinger Christof - 2018 - Numerische Simulation des feuchteinduzierten...pdf.jpgGröstlinger, Christof Numerische Simulation des feuchteinduzierten Rissverhaltens von Holzquerschnitten unter realer KlimabeanspruchungThesis Hochschulschrift 2018
Balduzzi Giuseppe - 2017 - Planar Timoshenko-like model for multilayer...pdf.jpgBalduzzi, Giuseppe; Aminbaghai, Mehdi ; Auricchio, Ferdinando ; Füssl, JosefPlanar Timoshenko-like model for multilayer non-prismatic beamsArticle Artikel 2017
Kandler Georg Karl Emanuel - 2012 - Review of stochastic finite-element...pdf.jpgKandler, Georg Karl Emanuel Review of stochastic finite-element approaches and assessment of their applicability to wood-based productsThesis Hochschulschrift 2012
Balduzzi Giuseppe - 2017 - Serviceability Analysis of Non-Prismatic Timber Beams...pdf.jpgBalduzzi, Giuseppe; Hochreiner, Georg; Füssl, Josef; Auricchio, FerdinandoServiceability Analysis of Non-Prismatic Timber Beams: Derivation and Validation of New and Effective Straightforward FormulasArticle Artikel 2017
Lukacevic Markus - 2018 - Simulating failure mechanisms in wooden boards with...pdf.jpgLukacevic, Markus ; Füssl, Josef; Eberhardsteiner, Josef Simulating failure mechanisms in wooden boards with knots by means of a microstructure-based multisurface failure criterionInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2018
Balduzzi Giuseppe - 2017 - Stress recovery from one dimensional models for...pdf.jpgBalduzzi, Giuseppe; Hochreiner, Georg; Füssl, JosefStress recovery from one dimensional models for tapered bi-symmetric thin-walled I beams: Deficiencies in modern engineering tools and proceduresArticle Artikel 2017