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Nitarska Daria - 2017 - Acyanic white-tipped yellow dahlia unexpectedly...pdf.jpgNitarska, Daria ; Miosic, Silvija ; Walliser, Benjamin; Steinberger, Stephanie ; Stich, Karl ; Halbwirth, HeidrunAcyanic white-tipped yellow dahlia unexpectedly expresses a full set of anthocyanin pathway genes in the white tipsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2017
Walliser Benjamin - 2017 - Anthochlor pigments and their potential use in...pdf.jpgWalliser, Benjamin; Halbwirth, HeidrunAnthochlor pigments and their potential use in beveragesInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2017
Kolarek Martina - 2019 - Changes during development of red- and white-fleshed...pdf.jpgKolarek, Martina; Neumüller, Michael; Hoffmann, Thomas; Hadersdorfer, Johannes; Halbwirth, Heidrun; Schwab, WilfriedChanges during development of red- and white-fleshed apple cultivarBook Buch 2019
Kolarek Martina - 2018 - Changes in the flavonoid pathway during the last four...pdf.jpgKolarek, Martina ; Lucaciu, Rares; Neumüller, Michael ; Regos, Ionela; Rattei, Thomas; Schwab, Wilfried ; Hadersdorfer, Johannes; Halbwirth, HeidrunChanges in the flavonoid pathway during the last four weeks of fruit ripening in an apple cultivar showing bicolored fruit fleshInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2018
Walliser Benjamin - 2017 - Genes of the anthochlor pathway are a rich source for...pdf.jpgWalliser, Benjamin; Halbwirth, HeidrunGenes of the anthochlor pathway are a rich source for engineering yellow flower colouration in ornamentalsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2017
Stefanini Carmen - 2016 - Metabolite investigations of poinsettia cultivars.pdf.jpgStefanini, Carmen; Nitarska, Daria ; Miosic, Silvija ; Debener, Thomas; Spiller, Monika ; Glasenapp, Yvana ; Hadersdorfer, Johannes ; Stich, Karl ; Halbwirth, HeidrunMetabolite investigations of poinsettia cultivarsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2016
Hutabarat Olly Sanny - 2016 - Transgenic apple plants overexpressing the...pdf.jpgHutabarat, Olly Sanny ; Flachowsky, Henryk ; Regos, Ionela ; Miosic, Silvija ; Kaufmann, Christine ; Faramarzi, Shadab ; Alam, Mohammed Zobayer ; Gosch, Christian ; Peil, Andreas ; Richter, Klaus ; Hanke, Magda-Viola ; Treutter, Dieter ; Stich, KarlTransgenic apple plants overexpressing the chalcone 3-hydroxylase gene of Cosmos sulphureus show increased levels of 3-hydroxyphloridzin and reduced susceptibility to apple scab and fire blightArticle Artikel 2016
Nitarska Daria - 2018 - Undeclared genetically engineered orange petunias...pdf.jpgNitarska, Daria ; Walliser, Benjamin; Haselmair-Gosch, Christian; Miosic, Silvija ; Roth, Barbara; Stich, Karl ; Halbwirth, HeidrunUndeclared genetically engineered orange petunias harbour a special variant of the maize dihydroflavonol 4-reductaseInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2018