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Vuong Jenny - 2011 - Bone fibrillogenesis and mineralization quantitative...pdf.jpgVuong, Jenny Bone fibrillogenesis and mineralization : quantitative analysis and implications for tissue elasticityThesis Hochschulschrift 2011
Kurfuerst Ales - 2018 - Bone Ultrastructure as Composite of Aligned Mineralized...pdf.jpgKurfürst, Ales ; Henits, Peter ; Morin, Claire ; Abdalrahman, Tamer ; Hellmich, ChristianBone Ultrastructure as Composite of Aligned Mineralized Collagen Fibrils Embedded Into a Porous Polycrystalline Matrix: Confirmation by Computational ElectrodynamicsArticle Artikel 2018
Kohlhauser Christoph - 2009 - Elasticity tensor determination by means of...pdf.jpgKohlhauser, ChristophElasticity tensor determination by means of ultrasonic pulse transmission : application ranges in terms of specimen geometry and microstructure, off-diagonal tensor components, as well as different engineering and biomedical materialsThesis Hochschulschrift 2009
Zhang Jiao-Long - 2017 - A hybrid analysis method for displacement-monitored...pdf.jpgZhang, Jiao-Long ; Vida, Christoffer ; Yuan, Yong; Hellmich, Christian; Mang, Herbert A. ; Pichler, BernhardA hybrid analysis method for displacement-monitored segmented circular tunnel ringsArticle Artikel 2017
Remmers Daniel - 2015 - Influences of varying oxygen glucose and lactate...pdf.jpgRemmers, Daniel Influences of varying oxygen, glucose, and lactate concentrations on the osteogenic development of adipose derived mesenchymal stem cellsThesis Hochschulschrift 2015
Wang Hui - 2018 - May reversible water uptakerelease by hydrates explain the...pdf.jpgWang, Hui; Hellmich, Christian; Yuan, Yong; Mang, Herbert; Pichler, BernhardMay reversible water uptake/release by hydrates explain the thermal expansion of cement paste? - Arguments from an inverse multiscale analysisArticle Artikel 2018
Fritsch Andreas - 2005 - Micromechanical explanation of anisotropic bone...pdf.jpgFritsch, Andreas Micromechanical explanation of anisotropic bone elasticity : role of bonded needle-type mineral crystals, crosslinked collagen molecules, as well as of lacunar and vascular porosityThesis Hochschulschrift 2005
Blanchard Romane - 2014 - Multiscale coupling of X-ray physics and engineering...pdf.jpgBlanchard, Romane Multiscale coupling of X-ray physics and engineering mechanics, for supporting computed tomography-based orthopedics and bone remodelingThesis Hochschulschrift 2014
Koenigsberger Markus - 2012 - Onset of cracking in concrete debonding or ITZ...pdf.jpgKönigsberger, MarkusOnset of cracking in concrete: debonding or ITZ failure? : a micromechanical approachThesis Hochschulschrift 2012
Damrongwiriyanupap Nattapong - 2017 - Self-Consistent Channel Approach for...pdf.jpgDamrongwiriyanupap, Nattapong ; Scheiner, Stefan; Pichler, Bernhard; Hellmich, ChristianSelf-Consistent Channel Approach for Upscaling Chloride Diffusivity in Cement PastesArticle Artikel 2017
Scheiner Stefan - 2016 - Strength increase during ceramic biomaterial-induced...pdf.jpgScheiner, Stefan; Komlev, Vladimir S. ; Hellmich, ChristianStrength increase during ceramic biomaterial-induced bone regeneration: a micromechanical studyArticle Artikel 2016
Irfan-ul-Hassan Muhammad - 2016 - Ultra-short non-aging creep behavior of...pdf.jpgIrfan-ul-Hassan, Muhammad Ultra-short non-aging creep behavior of hydrates, cement pastes, mortars, and concretes : a combined experimental-computational multiscale approachThesis Hochschulschrift 2016
Shahidi Mehran - 2014 - Viscous interfaces as source of material creep new...pdf.jpgShahidi, Mehran Viscous interfaces as source of material creep : new, micromechanics-based, perspectives on liquid crystal physics, rheology, and thixotropyThesis Hochschulschrift 2014
Eberhardsteiner Lukas - 2010 - Viskoelastizitaet von Knochen Auswertung von...pdf.jpgEberhardsteiner, Lukas Viskoelastizität von Knochen : Auswertung von Experimenten und Mehrskalen-ModellierungThesis Hochschulschrift 2010