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Ehgartner Daniela - 2016 - At-line determining spore germination of Penicillium...pdf.jpgEhgartner, Daniela; Fricke, Jens ; Schröder, Andreas ; Herwig, ChristophAt-line determining spore germination of Penicillium chrysogenum bioprocesses in complex mediaArticle Artikel 2016
Herwig Christoph - 2016 - Bioprocess monitoring minimizing sample matrix effects...pdf.jpgHerwig, Christoph; Reichelt, Wieland N. ; Waldschitz, Daniel ; Neutsch, Lukas Bioprocess monitoring: minimizing sample matrix effects for total protein quantification with bicinchoninic acid assayArticle Artikel 2016
Martinez Porqueras, Ester Characterization of biological systems for biofuels production based on physiological key paramentersThesis Hochschulschrift 2014
Borchert Daniel - 2018 - Comparison of data science workflows for root cause...pdf.jpgBorchert, Daniel ; Suarez-Zuluaga, Diego A. ; Sagmeister, Patrick; Thomassen, Yvonne E. ; Herwig, ChristophComparison of data science workflows for root cause analysis of bioprocessesArticle Artikel 2018
Zalai Denes - 2016 - A control strategy to investigate the relationship between...pdf.jpgZalai, Dénes ; Hevér, Helga ; Lovász, Krisztina ; Molnár, Dóra ; Wechselberger, Patrick ; Hofer, Alexandra; Párta, László ; Putics, Ákos ; Herwig, ChristophA control strategy to investigate the relationship between specific productivity and high-mannose glycoforms in CHO cellsArticle Artikel 2016
Kment Magdalena Verena - 2013 - Development of a mixed-feed bioprocess for the...pdf.jpgKment, Magdalena Verena Development of a mixed-feed bioprocess for the production of rhBMP-2 using an E.coli pBAD expression systemThesis Hochschulschrift 2013
Capone Simona - 2015 - Different approaches to make Pichia pastoris a more...pdf.jpgCapone, Simona Different approaches to make Pichia pastoris a more versatile expression platform - process, strain and product engineeringThesis Hochschulschrift 2015
Spadiut Oliver - 2016 - The E coli pET expression system revisited--mechanistic...pdf.jpgSpadiut, Oliver; Wurm, David Johannes; Veiter, Lukas; Ulonska, Sophia ; Eggenreich, Britta; Herwig, ChristophThe E. coli pET expression system revisited—mechanistic correlation between glucose and lactose uptakeArticle Artikel 2016
Kreppel Bernhard - 2018 - Establishing of an equivalent process platform for P...pdf.jpgKreppel, Bernhard Establishing of an equivalent process platform for P. pastoris fermentation in different scalesThesis Hochschulschrift 2018
Veiter Lukas - 2018 - The filamentous fungal pellet--relationship between...pdf.jpgVeiter, Lukas ; Rajamanickam, Vignesh; Herwig, ChristophThe filamentous fungal pellet—relationship between morphology and productivityArticle Artikel 2018
Veiter Lukas - 2019 - The filamentous fungus Penicillium chrysogenum analysed...pdf.jpgVeiter, Lukas; Herwig, ChristophThe filamentous fungus Penicillium chrysogenum analysed via flow cytometry—a fast and statistically sound insight into morphology and viabilityArticle Artikel 2019
Ehgartner Daniela - 2017 - Morphological analysis of the filamentous fungus...pdf.jpgEhgartner, Daniela; Herwig, Christoph; Fricke, JensMorphological analysis of the filamentous fungus Penicillium chrysogenum using flow cytometry—the fast alternative to microscopic image analysisArticle Artikel 2017
Slouka Christoph - 2018 - Perspectives of inclusion bodies for bio-based...pdf.jpgSlouka, Christoph; Kopp, Julian ; Spadiut, Oliver; Herwig, ChristophPerspectives of inclusion bodies for bio-based products: curse or blessing?Article Artikel 2018
Sagmeister Patrick - 2014 - Platform-oriented biopharmaceutical process design...pdf.jpgSagmeister, Patrick Platform-oriented biopharmaceutical process design using novel combinatory methodsThesis Hochschulschrift 2014
Herwig Christoph - 2016 - Propagation of measurement accuracy to biomass...pdf.jpgHerwig, Christoph; Steinwandter, Valentin ; Zahel, Thomas ; Sagmeister, PatrickPropagation of measurement accuracy to biomass soft-sensor estimation and control qualityArticle Artikel 2016
Dietzsch Christian - 2012 - Protein expression in Pichia pastoris - a novel...pdf.jpgDietzsch, Christian Protein expression in Pichia pastoris - a novel strategy for fast bioprocess developmentThesis Hochschulschrift 2012
Zalai Denes - 2016 - A quality by design approach for enhanced process...pdf.jpgZalai, DénesA quality by design approach for enhanced process understanding in biopharmaceutical process developmentThesis Hochschulschrift 2016
Sagmeister Patrick - 2011 - Quality by design for process understanding-...pdf.jpgSagmeister, PatrickQuality by design for process understanding- multivariate studies on a recombinant E. coli expression systemThesis Hochschulschrift 2011
Ehgartner Daniela - 2013 - Quantitative analysis of recombinant protein release...pdf.jpgEhgartner, DanielaQuantitative analysis of recombinant protein release using the Bacterial Ghost platform technologyThesis Hochschulschrift 2013
Rathore Anurag S - 2017 - Role of Knowledge Management in Development and...pdf.jpgRathore, Anurag S. ; Garcia-Apont, Oscar Fabián ; Golabgir, Aydin ; Vallejo-Diaz, Bibiana Margarita ; Herwig, ChristophRole of Knowledge Management in Development and Lifecycle Management of BiopharmaceuticalsArticle Artikel 2017