55. Jahrestagung der Österr. Physikalischen Gesellschaft

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55. Jahrestagung der Österr. Physikalischen Gesellschaft
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Event for scientific audience
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Wien (Österreich)
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1Klikovits, Jan Correlating microscopic and macroscopic data for the reduction of the surface oxide on Rh(111) by applying Avrami kineticsPräsentation Presentation2005
2Rupp, Werner ; Biedermann, Albert ; Schmid, Michael ; Varga, Peter Determination of the magnetic properties of ultra-thin Fe films on Cu(100)Präsentation Presentation2005
3Szeywerth, R. ; Jericha, Erwin ; Leeb, Helmut ; Badurek, Gerald Development of new algorithms for neutron tomography of magnetic samplesPräsentation Presentation2005
4Meissl, Walter Electron emission due to highly charged ion impact on surfaces: A comparison between a conducting Au(111) and an insulating LiF(001) targetPräsentation Presentation2005
5Trinker, M. ; Capka, P. ; Jericha, Erwin ; Rauch, Helmut Neutron diffraction from one-dimensional phase gratingsPräsentation Presentation2005
6Sponar, Stephan ; Klepp, J. ; Hasegawa, Yuji ; Jericha, Erwin ; Badurek, Gerald Noncyclic mixed state phase in SU(2) neutron polarimetric experimentsPräsentation Presentation2005
7Reissner, Michael ; Cieslak, J. ; Steiner, Walter ; Dubiel, S. P-FKPx: Low temperature magnetic behaviour of sigma FeCrPräsentation Presentation2005
8Reissner, Michael ; Steiner, Walter ; Seidov, Z. ; Guseinov, G. P-FKPx: Site Occupancy of Fe in Fe0.5In1.5S3Präsentation Presentation2005
9Baumann, P. ; Borcea, C. ; Jericha, Erwin ; Jokic, S. ; Kerveno, M. ; Lukic, S. ; Mihailescu, C.L. ; Pavlik, A. ; Plompen, A. ; Raskinyte, I. ; Rudolf, G. ; nTOF Collaboration, - ²⁰⁷Pb(n,2nγ) Cross-Section Measurement by Prompt Gamma-Ray SpectroscopyPräsentation Presentation2005
10Winter, Hannspeter Photoelectron vs. kinetic electron emission near thresholdPräsentation Presentation2005
11Rauchbauer, G. ; Schiechl, Hannes ; Buchsbaum, A. ; Rupp, Werner ; Schmid, Michael ; Varga, Peter ; Biedermann, Albert Pulsed laser deposition of iron on Cu(111) - characterization of the evaporant and the resulting filmsPräsentation Presentation2005
12Filipp, Stefan ; Hasegawa, Yuji ; Loidl, Rudolf ; Rauch, Helmut Recent experiments on geometric phase measurements with neutronsPräsentation Presentation2005
13Kaska, K. Scanning tunnelling microscopic investigations of potential sputtering of hydrogen-terminated silicon surfacesPräsentation Presentation2005
14Napetschnig, Evelyn ; Schmid, Michael ; Varga, Peter Structure of Co-Pd bimetallic clusters on the ordered alumina film on NiAl(110)Präsentation Presentation2005
15Badurek, Gerald ; Hartl, Ch. ; Jericha, Erwin Towards dynamical polarization of neutron beamsPräsentation Presentation2005