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1Eckhart, Matthias ; Ekelhart, Andreas ; Eisl, Roland Digital Twins for Cyber-Physical Threat Detection and ResponseArtikel Article 2021
2Emrich, Stefan ; Popper, Nikolas How an Agent-Based Population Model Became a Key-Element of the Austrian Effort Against COVID-19Artikel Article 2021
3Raubitzek, Sebastian ; Neubauer, Thomas Machine Learning and Chaos Theory in AgricultureArtikel Article 2020
4Lidy Thomas - 2015 - MusicBricks Connecting Digital Creators to the Internet of...pdf.jpgLidy, Thomas ; Schindler, Alexander ; Magas, Michela MusicBricks: Connecting Digital Creators to the Internet of Music ThingsArticle Artikel 2015
5Miksa, Tomasz ; Sarcevic, Tanja ; Mayer, Rudolf ; Waltersdorfer, Laura WellFort: A Platform for Privacy-Preserving Data AnalysisArtikel Article 2021