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1Ortner Thomas - 2016 - Visual analytics and rendering for tunnel crack analysis...pdf.jpgOrtner, Thomas ; Sorger, Johannes ; Piringer, Harald ; Hesina, Gerd ; Gröller, Eduard  Visual analytics and rendering for tunnel crack analysis : a methodological approach for integrating geometric and attribute dataArticle Artikel2016
2Kovacevic Raimund M - 2018 - Valuation and pricing of electricity delivery...pdf.jpgKovacevic, Raimund M. Valuation and pricing of electricity delivery contracts: the producer’s viewArticle Artikel2018
3Tsachev Tsvetomir - 2016 - Set-membership estimations for the evolution of...pdf.jpgTsachev, Tsvetomir ; Veliov, Vladimir M. Set-membership estimations for the evolution of infectious diseases in heterogeneous populationsArticle Artikel2016
4Brodinova Sarka - 2019 - Robust and sparse k-means clustering for...pdf.jpgBrodinová, Šárka; Filzmoser, Peter; Ortner, Thomas; Breiteneder, Christian; Rohm, Maia Robust and sparse k-means clustering for high-dimensional dataArticle Artikel2019
5Kaellblad Sigrid - 2017 - Risk- and ambiguity-averse portfolio optimization with...pdf.jpgKällblad, Sigrid Risk- and ambiguity-averse portfolio optimization with quasiconcave utility functionalsArticle Artikel 2017
6Dontchev A L - 2019 - On the Existence of Lipschitz Continuous Optimal Feedback...pdf.jpgDontchev, A. L. ; Krastanov, M. I. ; Veliov, V. M. On the Existence of Lipschitz Continuous Optimal Feedback ControlArticle Artikel2019
7Moser Elke - 2016 - A non-autonomous optimal control model of renewable energy...pdf.jpgMoser, Elke ; Grass, Dieter; Tragler, GernotA non-autonomous optimal control model of renewable energy production under the aspect of fluctuating supply and learning by doingArticle Artikel2016
8Hanappi Hardy - 2019 - Neo-Marxistische Politische OEkonomie als Gegenprogramm...pdf.jpgHanappi, Hardy (Neo‑)Marxistische Politische Ökonomie als Gegenprogramm zur StandardökonomikArticle Artikel2019
9Strulik Holger - 2018 - Natural Disasters and Macroeconomic Performance.pdf.jpgStrulik, Holger ; Trimborn, Timo Natural Disasters and Macroeconomic PerformanceArticle Artikel7-Mar-2018
10Mert Mehmet Can - 2016 - Error propagation in isometric log-ratio coordinates...pdf.jpgMert, Mehmet Can ; Filzmoser, Peter; Hron, KarelError propagation in isometric log-ratio coordinates for compositional data: theoretical and practical considerationsArticle Artikel2016
11Kynclova Petra - 2017 - Correlation Between Compositional Parts Based on...pdf.jpgKynclova, Petra ; Hron, Karel ; Filzmoser, Peter Correlation Between Compositional Parts Based on Symmetric BalancesArticle Artikel2017
12Brodinova Sarka - 2018 - Clustering of imbalanced high-dimensional media data.pdf.jpgBrodinova, Sarka ; Zaharieva, Maia ; Filzmoser, Peter; Ortner, Thomas ; Breiteneder, Christian Clustering of imbalanced high-dimensional media dataArticle Artikel2018
13Kovacevic Raimund M - 2019 - Arbitrage conditions for electricity markets with...pdf.jpgKovacevic, Raimund M.Arbitrage conditions for electricity markets with production and storageArticle Artikel2019