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1Weiss Victor U - 2019 - Virus-like particle size and molecular weightmass...pdf.jpgWeiss, Victor U. ; Pogan, Ronja ; Zoratto, Samuele ; Bond, Kevin M. ; Boulanger, Pascale ; Jarrold, Martin F. ; Lyktey, Nicholas ; Pahl, Dominik ; Puffler, Nicole ; Schelhaas, Mario ; Selivanovitch, Ekaterina ; Uetrecht, Charlotte ; Allmaier, GünterVirus-like particle size and molecular weight/mass determination applying gas-phase electrophoresis (native nES GEMMA)Article Artikel2019
2Schwaighofer Andreas - 2013 - Time-Resolved Surface-Enhanced IR-Absorption...pdf.jpgSchwaighofer, Andreas  ; Steininger, Christoph ; Hildenbrandt, David ; Srajer, Johannes; Nowak, Christoph; Knoll, Wolfgang; Naumann, RenateTime-Resolved Surface-Enhanced IR-Absorption Spectroscopy of Direct Electron Transfer to Cytochrome c Oxidase from R. sphaeroidesArticle Artikel17-Dec-2013
3Weil Matthias - 2017 - The phase transition of Pb8F14I2.pdf.jpgWeil, Matthias The phase transition of Pb8F14I2Article Artikel2017
4Srajer Johannes - 2013 - Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for biomedical...pdf.jpgSrajer, Johannes; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Nowak, ChristophSurface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for biomedical diagnostics and imagingArticle Artikel2013
5Nedelkovski Vedran - 2013 - Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy...pdf.jpgNedelkovski, Vedran ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Wraight, Colin A. ; Nowak, Christoph; Naumann, RenateSurface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy (SEIRAS) of Light-Activated Photosynthetic Reaction Centers from Rhodobacter sphaeroides Reconstituted in a Biomimetic Membrane SystemArticle Artikel2013
6Limbeck Andreas - 2016 - Self-aliquoting micro-grooves in combination with laser...pdf.jpgLimbeck, Andreas ; Nischkauer, Winfried ; Vanhaecke, Frank Self-aliquoting micro-grooves in combination with laser ablation-ICP-mass spectrometry for the analysis of challenging liquids: quantification of lead in whole bloodArticle Artikel2016
7Gierl-Mayer Christian - 2016 - The role of oxygen transfer in sintering of low...pdf.jpgGierl-Mayer, Christian ; De Oro Calderon, Raquel; Danninger, HerbertThe role of oxygen transfer in sintering of low alloy steel powder compacts: a review of the "internal getter" effectArticle Artikel2016
8Ahamer C - 2017 - Revisiting the Temperature Dependent Ionic Conductivity of...pdf.jpgAhamer, C. ; Opitz, A. K. ; Rupp, G. M. ; Fleig, J.Revisiting the Temperature Dependent Ionic Conductivity of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ)Article Artikel2017
9Schwab S - 2017 - Reduction of Sodium Migration in Polymers by Addition of...pdf.jpgSchwab, Stefan; Jung, J. P. H. ; Appenroth, J. ; Pittenauer, E. ; Allmaier, G. ; Gruber, S.; Bauer, M. ; Miethaner, S. ; Nelhiebel, M. ; Hutter, H. Reduction of Sodium Migration in Polymers by Addition of 15-Crown-5 Ether as Getter SubstanceArticle Artikel2017
10Schwaighofer Andreas - 2018 - Recent advancements of EC-QCL based mid-IR...pdf.jpgSchwaighofer, Andreas  ; Alcaraz, Mirta Raquel ; Kuligowski, Julia ; Lendl, Bernhard  Recent advancements of EC-QCL based mid-IR transmission spectroscopy of proteins and application to analysis of bovine milkArticle Artikel2018
11Schwaighofer Andreas - 2017 - Quantum cascade lasers QCLs in biomedical...pdf.jpgSchwaighofer, Andreas  ; Brandstetter, Markus ; Lendl, Bernhard  Quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) in biomedical spectroscopyArticle Artikel2017
12Hayden Jakob - 2018 - A quantum cascade laser-based Mach-Zehnder interferometer...pdf.jpgHayden, Jakob ; Hugger, Stefan ; Fuchs, Frank ; Lendl, Bernhard  A quantum cascade laser-based Mach–Zehnder interferometer for chemical sensing employing molecular absorption and dispersionArticle Artikel 27-Jan-2018
13Baumgartner Bettina - 2019 - Pore Size-Dependent Structure of Confined Water in...pdf.jpgBaumgartner, Bettina  ; Hayden, Jakob ; Loizillon, Jérôme ; Steinbacher, Sophia ; Grosso, David ; Lendl, Bernhard  Pore Size-Dependent Structure of Confined Water in Mesoporous Silica Films from Water Adsorption-Desorption using ATR-FTIR SpectroscopyArticle Artikel2019
14Baumgartner, Bettina ; Freitag, Stephan; Gasser, Christoph; Lendl, BernhardA Pocket-Sized 3D-printed Attenuated Total Reflection-Infrared Filtometer combined with Functionalized Silica Films for Nitrate Sensing in WaterArticle Artikel2020
15Schwaighofer Andreas - 2014 - Phase-Sensitive Detection in Modulation Excitation...pdf.jpgSchwaighofer, Andreas  ; Ferguson-Miller, Shelagh ; Naumann, Renate L.C. ; Knoll, Wolfgang; Nowak, ChristophPhase-Sensitive Detection in Modulation Excitation Spectroscopy Applied to Potential Induced Electron Transfer in Cytochrome c OxidaseArticle Artikel2014
16Schwaighofer Andreas - 2020 - pH titration of -lactoglobulin monitored by...pdf.jpgSchwaighofer, Andreas  ; Alcaraz, Mirta Raquel ; Lux, Laurin ; Lendl, Bernhard  pH titration of β-lactoglobulin monitored by laser-based Mid-IR transmission spectroscopy coupled to chemometric analysisArticle Artikel2020
17Genner Andreas - 2017 - On-line monitoring of methanol and methyl formate in the...pdf.jpgGenner, Andreas ; Gasser, Christoph ; Moser, Harald ; Ofner, Johannes ; Schreiber, Josef ; Lendl, Bernhard  On-line monitoring of methanol and methyl formate in the exhaust gas of an industrial formaldehyde production plant by a mid-IR gas sensor based on tunable Fabry-Pérot filter technologyArticle Artikel2017
18Comnea-Stancu Ionela Raluca - 2016 - On the Identification of RayonViscose as a...pdf.jpgComnea-Stancu, Ionela Raluca ; Wieland, Karin ; Ramer, Georg  ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Lendl, Bernhard  On the Identification of Rayon/Viscose as a Major Fraction of Microplastics in the Marine Environment : Discrimination between Natural and Man-made Cellulosic Fibers by Fourier Transform Infrared SpectroscopyArticle Artikel2016
19Akhgar Christopher Karim - 2020 - The Next Generation of IR Spectroscopy...pdf.jpgAkhgar, Christopher Karim ; Ramer, Georg  ; Żbik, Mateusz ; Trajnerowicz, Artur ; Pawluczyk, Jarosław ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Lendl, Bernhard  The Next Generation of IR Spectroscopy: EC-QCL-Based Mid-IR Transmission Spectroscopy of Proteins with Balanced DetectionArticle Artikel 21-Jul-2020
20Engel Nicole Yvonne - 2017 - nES GEMMA analysis of lectins and their...pdf.jpgEngel, Nicole Yvonne ; Weiss, Victor; Marchetti-Deschmann, Martina ; Allmaier, GünternES GEMMA analysis of lectins and their interactions with glycoproteins – separation, detection, and sampling of noncovalent biospecific complexesArticle Artikel2017