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E134-05 - Forschungsbereich Surface Physics
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1Choi, Joong-Il Jake ZrO₂ ultra-thin films on Pd₃Zr(0001): Structure and growth of metal clustersPräsentation Presentation2012
2Lackner, Peter ; Köpfle, Norbert ; Mayr, L. ; Penner, S. ; Klötzer, B. ; Schmid, Michael Zirconium-Palladium Interactions on Single Crystal Models and during Dry Reforming of MethanePräsentation Presentation2017
3Schmid, Michael Zirconia/metal inverse model catalysts: Why the SMSI effect?Präsentation Presentation2015
4Zou, Zhiyu ; Lackner, Peter ; Mayr, Sabrina ; Diebold, Ulrike ; Schmid, Michael Zirconia-supported transition metal clusters and the metal-oxide interfacePräsentation Presentation2018
5Schmid, Michael Zirconia-metal interaction: From ultrathin films to the SMSI effectPräsentation Presentation2016
6Choi, Joong-Il Jake Zirconia on Pd₃Zr(0001)Präsentation Presentation2012
7Schmid, Michael Zirconia films and zirconia-metal systems on the atomic scalePräsentation Presentation2014
8Lackner, Peter Zirconia and Oxidation of ZirconiumPräsentation Presentation2017
9Novotny, Zbynek ; Argentero, Giacomo ; Wang, Zhiming ; Schmid, Michael ; Diebold, Ulrike ; Parkinson, Gareth S. Z. Novotny, G. Argentero, Z. Wang, M. Schmid, U. Diebold, and G. S. Parkinson Ordered Array of Single Au Adatoms on Fe₃O₄(001) with Remarkable Thermal StabilityPräsentation Presentation2012
10Schmid, Michael ; Lackner, Peter ; Brandt, A. ; Zou, Zhiyu ; Diebold, Ulrike Yttrium-doped zirconia films: Phase stabilization and Y segregationPräsentation Presentation2019
11Diebold, Ulrike xThe (even more) complex surfaces of complex perovskite oxides: curse and opportunityPräsentation Presentation2021
12Wang, Zhiming X-ray adsorption and photoemission spectroscopy study of polar, reconstructed SrTiO₃(110) surfacesPräsentation Presentation2013
13Gerhold, Stefan X-ray adsorption and photoemission spectroscopy study of polar, reconstructed SrTiO₃(110) surfacePräsentation Presentation2013
14Schmid, Michael Why is growth by pulsed laser deposition different?Präsentation Presentation2009
15Diebold, Ulrike Where Physics meets Chemistry: Surfaces at the Atomic Scale; plenary talkPräsentation Presentation2021
16Varga, Peter When STM maps a wrong adsorption site: H on Rh(100)Präsentation Presentation2003
17Schmid, Michael When reactive metals become noble: site-selective adsorption of CO on alloysPräsentation Presentation2003
18Varga, Peter What determines the strength of CO bonding to metalsPräsentation Presentation2004
19Schmid, Michael What causes the high island densities in pulsed laser deposition?Präsentation Presentation2008
20Mertens, S.F.L. Wetting, adhesion and stiction of 2D materials; invited conference presentationPräsentation Presentation2017