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Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
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Schöberl, Joachim
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PreviewAuthors / EditorsTitleTypeIssue Date
1Neunteufel Michael - 2017 - Advanced numerical methods for fluid structure...pdf.jpgNeunteufel, Michael Advanced numerical methods for fluid structure interactionThesis Hochschulschrift2017
2Kogler Lukas - 2017 - AscAMG algebraic multigrid with alternative strong...pdf.jpgKogler, Lukas AscAMG algebraic multigrid with alternative strong connectionsThesis Hochschulschrift2017
3Silm Haik Jan - 2016 - Benchmark for the eddy current problem in laminated iron...pdf.jpgSilm, Haik Jan Benchmark for the eddy current problem in laminated iron coresThesis Hochschulschrift2016
4Hochsteger Matthias - 2014 - High order discontinuous Galerkin methods on GPUs.pdf.jpgHochsteger, Matthias High order discontinuous Galerkin methods on GPUsThesis Hochschulschrift2014
5Wintersteiger Christoph - 2015 - Mapped Tent Pitching method for hyperbolic...pdf.jpgWintersteiger, Christoph Mapped Tent Pitching method for hyperbolic conservation lawsThesis Hochschulschrift2015
6Wintersteiger Christoph - 2020 - Mapped Tent Pitching Schemes for Hyperbolic...pdf.jpgWintersteiger, Christoph Mapped Tent Pitching schemes for hyperbolic systemsThesis Hochschulschrift2020
7Lederer Philip Lukas - 2019 - A Mass conserving mixed stress formulation for...pdf.jpgLederer, Philip Lukas A Mass conserving mixed stress formulation for incompressible flowsThesis Hochschulschrift2019
8Neunteufel Michael - 2021 - Mixed finite Element Methods For Nonlinear Continuum...pdf.jpgNeunteufel, Michael Mixed finite element methods for nonlinear continuum mechanics and shellsThesis Hochschulschrift2021
9Hanser Valentin - 2021 - Numerical Computation of the Eddy Current Problem in...pdf.jpgHanser, Valentin Numerical computation of the Eddy Current problem in ferromagnetic sheets by the multiscale finite element method using the vector preisach modelThesis Hochschulschrift2021
10Lederer Philip Lukas - 2016 - Pressure robust discretizations for Navier Stokes...pdf.jpgLederer, Philip Lukas Pressure robust discretizations for Navier Stokes equations : divergence-free reconstruction for Taylor-Hood elements and high order hybrid discontinuous Galerkin methodsThesis Hochschulschrift2016
11Danczul Tobias - 2018 - A reduced basis method for fractional diffusion...pdf.jpgDanczul, Tobias A reduced basis method for fractional diffusion operatorsThesis Hochschulschrift2018
12Lackner Christopher - 2016 - Reduced basis methods for low frequency...pdf.jpgLackner, Christopher Reduced basis methods for low frequency electromagnetic problemsThesis Hochschulschrift2016
13Schwarzenbacher Bernd - 2020 - Robust algebraic solvers for electromagnetics.pdf.jpgSchwarzenbacher, Bernd Robust algebraic solvers for electromagneticsThesis Hochschulschrift2020

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