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Kühn, Christian
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1Kuehn, Christian Warning signs for saddle-escape transitions in complex networksPräsentation Presentation2015
2Kuehn, Christian ; Szmolyan, Peter Two Examples of Geometric Desingularization of Nonstandard SystemsPräsentation Presentation2013
3Kuehn, Christian Towards a Mathematical Framework for Critical Transitions: From Bifurcations to Complex SystemsPräsentation Presentation2012
4Kuehn, Christian Tipping and Warning Signs for Patterns and Propagation Failure in SPDEsPräsentation Presentation2015
5Kuehn, Christian ; Gowda, Karna Tipping and Warning Signs for Patterns and Propagation Failure in SPDEsPräsentation Presentation2014
6Kuehn, Christian Stochastic operator perturbations of travelling wavesPräsentation Presentation2014
7Berglund, Nils ; Gentz, Barbara ; Kuehn, Christian Stochastic multiscale analysis of mixed-mode oscillationsPräsentation Presentation2014
8Kuehn, Christian Stochastic multi-scale dynamics and (un-)desirable critical transitionsPräsentation Presentation2013
9Kuehn, Christian Self-Organized Criticality and Optimality in Stochastic Multiscale NetworksPräsentation Presentation2014
10Kuehn, Christian Scaling Laws in Stochastic Differential EquationsPräsentation Presentation2014
11Kuehn, Christian ; Achleitner, Franz Persistence Results for Nonlocal Perturbations on Unbounded DomainsPräsentation Presentation2014
12Kuehn, Christian Oscillations in the Olsen ModelPräsentation Presentation2015
13Kuehn, Christian ; Szmolyan, Peter Oscillations in multiple time scale dynamics: Autocatalysis, Koper, Olsen, and beyondPräsentation Presentation2014
14Kuehn, Christian ; Achleitner, Franz Operator Perturbations of Dynamical SystemsPräsentation Presentation2014
15Kuehn, Christian ; Achleitner, Franz On bounded positive stationary solutions for a nonlocal Fisher-KPP equationPräsentation Presentation2014
16Kuehn, Christian Numerical Continuation Methods for Stochastic SystemsPräsentation Presentation2015
17Kuehn, Christian Numerical Continuation Methods for Stochastic SystemsPräsentation Presentation2014
18Kuehn, Christian Numerical Continuation for Stochastic SystemsPräsentation Presentation2014
19Kuehn, Christian ; Achleitner, Franz Non-Local Parabolic PDEs and Travelling WavesPräsentation Presentation2013
20Kuehn, Christian ; Szmolyan, Peter Non-Classical Relaxation Oscillations in the Olsen ModelPräsentation Presentation2014

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