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Einav, Amit
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1Einav, Amit What can one do when the entropy method fails?Präsentation Presentation2017
2Einav, Amit The in Entropy Method and the Becker-Doring EquationsPräsentation Presentation2016
3Einav, Amit The 'Almost' Cercignani Conjecture on Kac's SpherePräsentation Presentation2017
4Einav, Amit Recent advances in the study of the Entropy Method in Kac's many-particle modelPräsentation Presentation2017
5Einav, Amit Recent advances in the study of the Becker-Doering equationsPräsentation Presentation2017
6Einav, Amit Recent advances in the study of convergence to equilibrium for the Becker-Doring equationsPräsentation Presentation2017
7Einav, Amit On weak Poincare inequalities and densities of statesPräsentation Presentation2018
8Arnold, Anton ; Einav, Amit ; Wöhrer, Tobias On the rates of decay to equilibrium in degenerate and defective Fokker-Plnack equationsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2017
9Einav, Amit On the entropy method for Kac's ModelPräsentation Presentation2017
10Einav, Amit On the connection between density of states and weak Poincaré inequalitiesPräsentation Presentation2018
11Arnold, Anton ; Einav, Amit ; Signorello, Beatrice ; Wöhrer, Tobias Large time convergence of the non-homogeneous Goldstein-Taylor equationBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2020
12Einav, Amit Interpolation of weighted Sobolev spacesPräsentation Presentation2018
13Einav, Amit Convergence to Equilibrium in the Becker-Doring Equations and the Entropy MethodKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2016
14Einav, Amit Convergence to Equilibrium in the Becker-Doring EquationsPräsentation Presentation2017

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