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Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
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Rotter, Stefan
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1Zens Matthias - 2021 - Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with Spin Ensembles From...pdf.jpgZens, Matthias Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with Spin Ensembles: From the Semiclassical to the Quantum RegimeThesis Hochschulschrift2021
2Zens Matthias - 2016 - Cumulant expansion approach to nonlinear dynamics of...pdf.jpgZens, Matthias Cumulant expansion approach to nonlinear dynamics of inhomogeneous ensembles in cavity QEDThesis Hochschulschrift2016
3Schlederer Bernhard - 2013 - Description of a bottle resonator evanescently...pdf.jpgSchlederer, Bernhard Description of a bottle resonator evanescently coupled to a waveguideThesis Hochschulschrift2013
4Fraller Michael - 2020 - Exceptional points and inverse scattering in optical...pdf.jpgFraller, Michael Exceptional points and inverse scattering in optical interferometersThesis Hochschulschrift2020
5Globosits David - 2021 - The Floquet Wigner-Smith Operator for Time-Periodic...pdf.jpgGlobosits, David The Floquet Wigner-Smith Operator for Time-Periodic SystemsThesis Hochschulschrift2021
6Rachbauer Lukas Michael - 2019 - Inverse scattering in one-dimensional random...pdf.jpgRachbauer, Lukas Michael Inverse scattering in one-dimensional random media using deep learningThesis Hochschulschrift2019
7Kaczvinszki Markus Fabian - 2020 - Many-body feedback cooling.pdf.jpgKaczvinszki, Markus Fabian Many-body feedback cooling : particle manipulation through far-field wavefront shapingThesis Hochschulschrift2020
8Horodynski Michael - 2018 - Micromanipulation and wave front shaping in...pdf.jpgHorodynski, Michael Micromanipulation and wave front shaping in disordered mediaThesis Hochschulschrift2018
9Schumer Alexander - 2017 - Non-Hermitian dynamics in the vicinity of an...pdf.jpgSchumer, Alexander Non-Hermitian dynamics in the vicinity of an exceptional pointThesis Hochschulschrift2017
10Hartl Benedikt - 2016 - Optimal control of collective dynamics in cavity-QED...pdf.jpgHartl, Benedikt Optimal control of collective dynamics in cavity-QED with an inhomogeneously broadened spin ensembleThesis Hochschulschrift2016
11Kuehmayer Matthias - 2016 - Particlelike states in D-shaped fibers.pdf.jpgKühmayer, Matthias Particlelike states in D-shaped fibersThesis Hochschulschrift2016
12Pichler Kevin Andreas - 2016 - Phonon laser linewidth near an exceptional point.pdf.jpgPichler, Kevin Andreas Phonon laser linewidth near an exceptional pointThesis Hochschulschrift2016
13Brandstoetter Andre - 2020 - Photonics with loss and disorder.pdf.jpgBrandstötter, Andre Photonics with loss and disorderThesis Hochschulschrift2020
14Geismann Maximilian - 2020 - Quasi-normal mode expansion of the scattering...pdf.jpgGeismann, Maximilian Quasi-normal mode expansion of the scattering matrixThesis Hochschulschrift2020
15Hörner, Helmut Theory of a massively parallel coherent perfect absorber in a degenerate 4f cavityThesis Hochschulschrift2021
16Melchard Jakob - 2020 - The Time-Resolved S-matrix spatial and temporal Focusing.pdf.jpgMelchard, Jakob The time-resolved S-matrix : spatial and temporal focusingThesis Hochschulschrift2020
17Brandstoetter Andre - 2016 - Wave control in complex media from system design to...pdf.jpgBrandstötter, Andre Wave control in complex media : from system design to wave front shapingThesis Hochschulschrift2016