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1Eisterer, Michael ; Krutzler, C. ; Zehetmayer, Martin ; Weber, Harald W. ; Kazakov, S. M. ; Karpinski, J. Two-band character of MgB₂ - magnetization of MgB₂ single crystalsPräsentation Presentation2006
2Zehetmayer, Martin ; Hecher, J. ; Weber, Harald W. The flux line lattice of neutron irradiated NbSe2 in the fishtail regime measured by STMPräsentation Presentation2012
3Weber, Harald W. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Fuger, R. ; Hengstberger, F. ; Zehetmayer, Martin Supercurrent flow in coated conductorsPräsentation Presentation2007
4Mishev, Ventsislav ; Zehetmayer, Martin ; Eisterer, Michael ; Nakajima, M. ; Eisaki, H. ; Takano, Y. ; Zhigadlo, N.D. ; Katrych, S. ; Karpinski, J. Study of radiation induced defects in iron based superconducting single crystalsPräsentation Presentation2013
5Sauerzopf, Franz ; Zehetmayer, Martin ; Weber, Harald W. Strong Versus Collective Pinning of Flux Lines in HTSPräsentation Presentation2002
6Zehetmayer, Martin ; Hengstberger, F. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. Simulation of the magnetoscan: current dynamics in a superconductor induced by a small permanent magnetPräsentation Presentation2006
7Zehetmayer, Martin ; Fuger, R. ; Hengstberger, F. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. Simulation of magnetoscan data in superconducting coated conductorsPräsentation Presentation2007
8Fuger, R. ; Zehetmayer, Martin ; Eisterer, Michael ; Schlachter, S.I. ; Goldacker, Wilfried ; Schmidt, C. ; Weber, Harald W. Scan measurements on ROEBEL assembled coated conductors (RACC)Präsentation Presentation2007
9Eisterer, Michael ; Mishev, Ventsislav ; Zehetmayer, Martin ; Nakajima, M. ; Eisaki, H. Research Report TUWPräsentation Presentation2013
10Weber, Harald W. ; Fuger, R. ; Chudy, Michal ; Eisterer, Michael ; Zehetmayer, Martin Radiation effects on coated conductorsPräsentation Presentation2008
11Zehetmayer, Martin ; Weber, Harald W. Quantitative comparison of experimental results on the critical current density with the collective pinning theory in superconductorsPräsentation Presentation2011
12Zehetmayer, Martin ; Fuger, R. ; Hengstberger, F. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. Quantitative analysis of local inhomogeneities in long coated conductors measured by the magnetoscan techniquePräsentation Presentation2008
13Zehetmayer, Martin ; Eisterer, Michael Probing two-band superconductivity by experimentPräsentation Presentation2013
14Zehetmayer, Martin ; Eisterer, Michael ; Krutzler, C. ; Jun, J. ; Kazakov, S. M. ; Karpinski, J. ; Weber, Harald W. Order disorder transition in the flux line lattice of superconducting MgB₂ single crystals with artificially introduced defects: comparison with theoryPräsentation Presentation2007
15Zehetmayer, Martin ; Hecher, Johannes On the defects in the flux-line-lattice of a superconductor: an experimental study by scanning tunneling spectroscopyPräsentation Presentation2014
16Zehetmayer, Martin ; Weber, Harald W. On the defect density dependence of the fishtail effect in superconductorsPräsentation Presentation2010
17Zehetmayer, Martin ; Hörhager, N. ; Weber, Harald W. Non-destructive determination of the critical current density in large bulk superconductors from magnetoscan dataPräsentation Presentation2007
18Zehetmayer, Martin ; Krutzler, C. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Jun, J. ; Kazakov, S. M. ; Karpinski, J. ; Birajdar, B. ; Eibl, O. Neutron irradiation of superconducting MgB₂ single crystalsPräsentation Presentation2005
19Zehetmayer, Martin Neutron irradiation of MgB₂ single crystals. Effects on irreversible propertiesPräsentation Presentation2005
20Eisterer, Michael ; Zehetmayer, Martin ; Weber, Harald W. ; Jiang, J. ; Weiss, J.D. ; Yamamoto, Y. ; Hellstrom, E.E. ; Larbalestier, D.C. ; Zhigadlo, N.D. ; Karpinski, J. ; Bellingeri, E. ; Cimberle, M. R. ; Pallecchi, I. ; Putti, M. ; Ferdeghini, C. Neutron irradiation effects in Fe based superconductorsPräsentation Presentation2011

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