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Em.Univ.Prof. Dr.phil. Dr.h.c.
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Weber, Harald

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1Weber, Harald W. Zukunftsstrategien der Assoziation EURATOM-ÖAWPräsentation Presentation2008
2Mitterbauer, C. ; Gritzner, G. ; Hörhager, N. ; Weber, Harald W. Yttrium-barium cuprate superconductors on titanium and rutile substratesPräsentation Presentation2007
3Fuger, R. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. YBCO coated conductors for fusion magnetsPräsentation Presentation2008
4Weber, Harald W. What do we need for high current applications of superconductors and where are we now?Präsentation Presentation2011
5Weber, Harald W. Werner Buckel - NachrufBericht Report2003
6Haindl, S. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Hörhager, N. ; Weber, Harald W. Vertical analysis of melt-textured Li-doped YBCOPräsentation Presentation2004
7Eisterer, Michael ; Haindl, S. ; Weber, Harald W. Variations of the critical current density in a TSMG monolithPräsentation Presentation2003
8Flükiger, R. ; Baumgartner, Thomas ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. ; Scheuerlein, C. ; Senatore, C. ; Ballarino, A. ; Bottura, L. Variation of (Jc/Jc0)max of ternary alloyed internal Sn and PIT Nb3Sn wires exposed to fast neutron irradiationPräsentation Presentation2012
9Marchenkov, V.V. ; Weber, Harald W. Unusual Properties of Pure Metals at High Magnetic Fields: Electronic Properties and a Possible Way to Electronic DevicesPräsentation Presentation2003
10Eisterer, Michael ; Krutzler, C. ; Zehetmayer, Martin ; Weber, Harald W. ; Kazakov, S. M. ; Karpinski, J. Two-band character of MgB₂ - magnetization of MgB₂ single crystalsPräsentation Presentation2006
11Weber, Harald W. Trapped Fields and Supercurrent Flow in bulk High-Tc SuperconductorsPräsentation Presentation2003
12Schöppl, K. ; Fuger, R. ; Weiss, M. ; Weber, Harald W. ; Kühberger, M. ; Gritzner, G. Transport properties of screen printed MgB₂ thick filmsPräsentation Presentation2003
13Weber, Harald W. Transport Currents in Polycrystalline MgB₂Präsentation Presentation2003
14Maix, R. ; Bittner-Rohrhofer, Karin ; Humer, Karl ; Fillunger, Harald ; Wang, Z.D. ; Weber, Harald W. Towards Magnet Insulation Systems with Higher Radiation ResistancePräsentation Presentation2002
15Tönies, Susanne ; Weber, Harald W. ; Heiml, O. ; Eder, M. Tl-1223 Thick Films - A Competitor for Coated Conductors ?Präsentation Presentation2002
16Heiml, O. ; Gritzner, G. ; Tönies, Susanne ; Weber, Harald W. (Tl,Pb)-1223 supraleitende Filme auf LanthanaluminatPräsentation Presentation2003
17Hörhager, N. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. ; Tajima, T. ; Nesterenko, V.F. Ti and Zr doped MgB₂ bulk superconductorsPräsentation Presentation2005
18Kortyka, A. ; Puzniak, R. ; Wisniewski, A. ; Weber, Harald W. ; Tang, C. Y. ; Yao, X. ; Conder, K. Thermodynamic parameters of SmBa2Cu3Ox with varying oxygen contentPräsentation Presentation2010
19Kortyka, A. ; Puzniak, R. ; Wisniewski, A. ; Weber, Harald W. ; Tang, C. Y. ; Yao, X. Thermodynamic parameters of SmBa2Cu3O7-δ with varying oxygen contentPräsentation Presentation2009
20Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. The vortex lattice in superconductors: from theoretical interest to consequences for applicationsPräsentation Presentation2011

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