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Madsen, Georg Kent Hellerup
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1Madsen, Georg Thermal Transport in Defected MaterialsPräsentation Presentation2018
2Madsen, Georg The role of local chemistry in point defect phonon scatteringPräsentation Presentation2019
3Madsen, Georg Spin-orbit calculations with a p1/2 relativistic local orbital extensionPräsentation Presentation2002
4Arrigoni, Marco ; Carrete, Jesus ; Mingo, Natalio ; Madsen, Georg Role of force-constant disorder in the lattice thermal conductivity of semiconductor alloys: a first-principles studyPräsentation Presentation2018
5Madsen, Georg ; Dongre, Bonny ; Katre, Ankita ; Carrete, Jesus ; Mingo, Natalio Resonant Phonon Scattering in SemiconductorsPräsentation Presentation2018
6Madsen, Georg Predictive calculation of thermal conductivityPräsentation Presentation2019
7Madsen, Georg Point defects. Carrier control and phonon scatteringPräsentation Presentation2018
8Madsen, Georg Point defects as phonon super scatterersPräsentation Presentation2019
9Madsen, Georg Phonon superscatterersPräsentation Presentation2019
10Madsen, Georg Phonon superscatterersPräsentation Presentation2018
11Madsen, Georg Phonon superscatterersPräsentation Presentation2018
12Madsen, Georg Phonon superscatterersPräsentation Presentation2019
13Madsen, Georg Phonon scattering by structural defectsPräsentation Presentation2018
14Schwarz, Karlheinz ; Blaha, Peter ; Laskowski, Robert ; Madsen, Georg Overview of WIEN2kPräsentation Presentation2003
15Madsen, Georg New routes to thermoelectric half-Heusler compoundsPräsentation Presentation2016
16Paschen, Silke ; Madsen, Georg ; Rosner, Martin ; Weidenkaff, A Nanostructured Transition-Metal Clathrates and Clathrate-Oxide NanocompositesPräsentation Presentation2014
17Madsen, Georg ; Schwarz, Karlheinz ; Blaha, Peter ; Singh, D.J. Magnetic inclusion compounds: The alkali-electro sodalites and rare-earth containing chlathratesPräsentation Presentation2002
18Madsen, Georg ; Kovacs, Peter ; Tran, F ; Blaha, Peter Kinetic Energy Dependent Functionals in Density Functional TheoryPräsentation Presentation2019
19Madsen, Georg High Throughput DFT Calculations - Screening for New TE CompoundsPräsentation Presentation2018
20Madsen, Georg Green's function approach to thermal transportPräsentation Presentation2016

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