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Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
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Herwig, Christoph

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1Matthias Brunner - 2017 - Investigation of the interactions of critical scale-up...pdf.jpgBrunner, Matthias ; Fricke, Jens ; Kroll, Paul ; Herwig, Christoph Investigation of the interactions of critical scale-up parameters (pH, pO2 and pCO2) on CHO batch performance and critical quality attributesArticle Artikel 2017
2Kroll Paul - 2017 - Model-Based Methods in the Biopharmaceutical Process...pdf.jpgKroll, Paul ; Hofer, Alexandra ; Ulonska, Sophia ; Kager, Julian ; Herwig, Christoph Model-Based Methods in the Biopharmaceutical Process LifecycleArticle Artikel2017
3Ehgartner Daniela - 2017 - A novel method to recover inclusion body protein from...pdf.jpgEhgartner, Daniela ; Sagmeister, Patrick ; Langemann, Timo ; Meitz, Andrea ; Lubitz, Werner ; Herwig, Christoph A novel method to recover inclusion body protein from recombinant E. coli fed-batch processes based on phage ΦX174-derived lysis protein EArticle Artikel2017
4Schwaighofer Andreas - 2020 - Production of Active Recombinant Hyaluronidase...pdf.jpgSchwaighofer, Andreas  ; Ablasser, Sarah ; Lux, Laurin ; Kopp, Julian ; Herwig, Christoph ; Spadiut, Oliver ; Lendl, Bernhard  ; Slouka, Christoph  Production of Active Recombinant Hyaluronidase Inclusion Bodies from Apis mellifera in E. coli Bl21(DE3) and characterization by FT-IR SpectroscopyArticle Artikel 2020
5Kroll Paul - 2017 - Soft sensor for monitoring biomass subpopulations in...pdf.jpgKroll, Paul ; Stelzer, Ines ; Herwig, Christoph Soft sensor for monitoring biomass subpopulations in mammalian cell culture processesArticle Artikel2017
6Wurm David J - 2018 - Teaching an old pET new tricks tuning of inclusion body...pdf.jpgWurm, David Johannes ; Quehenberger, Julian  ; Mildner, Julia ; Eggenreich, Britta ; Slouka, Christoph  ; Schwaighofer, Andreas  ; Wieland, Karin ; Lendl, Bernhard  ; Rajamanickam, Vignesh ; Herwig, Christoph ; Spadiut, Oliver Teaching an old pET new tricks: tuning of inclusion body formation and properties by a mixed feed system in E. coliArticle Artikel Jan-2018
7Marschall Lukas - 2017 - Tunable recombinant protein expression in E coli...pdf.jpgMarschall, Lukas ; Sagmeister, Patrick ; Herwig, Christoph Tunable recombinant protein expression in E. coli: promoter systems and genetic constraintsArticle Artikel 2017

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1Niederberger Florian - 2017 - Characterization of an acetogenic industrial flue...pdf.jpgNiederberger, Florian Characterization of an acetogenic industrial flue gas fermentation process with Acetobacterium woodiiThesis Hochschulschrift2017
2Leberbauer Lena Anna - 2017 - Characterizing influences of specific miRNAs on...pdf.jpgLeberbauer, Lena Anna Characterizing influences of specific miRNAs on phenotypic properties of mammalian cellsThesis Hochschulschrift2017
3Berezhinskiy Vladimir - 2019 - Comparison of different model-based observers for...pdf.jpgBerezhinskiy, Vladimir Comparison of different model-based observers for monitoring substrate and product concentrations in a Penicillium chrysogenum Fed-batch processThesis Hochschulschrift2019
4Ehgartner Daniela - 2017 - A comprehensive analytical and process-technological...pdf.jpgEhgartner, Daniela A comprehensive analytical and process-technological toolbox for improved Penicillin productionThesis Hochschulschrift2017
5Deringer Pascal - 2016 - Construction of a corrosion-resistant 15...pdf.jpgDeringer, Pascal Construction of a corrosion-resistant 15 L-pilot-bioreactor for the cultivation of extremely halophilic microorganismsThesis Hochschulschrift2016
6Slouka Christoph - 2018 - Custom made inclusion bodies effects on quality...pdf.jpgSlouka, Christoph  Custom made inclusion bodies: effects on quality attributes by variation of critical process parameters and control strategiesThesis Hochschulschrift2018
7Eger Marcus - 2017 - Data mining and computational intelligence in bioprocessing.pdf.jpgEger, Marcus Data mining and computational intelligence in bioprocessingThesis Hochschulschrift2017
8Steinwandter Valentin - 2019 - Data science essentials for digital biopharma.pdf.jpgSteinwandter, Valentin ; Steinwandter, Valentin; Steinwandter, Valentin; Steinwandter, Valentin; Steinwandter, ValentinData science essentials for digital biopharmaThesis Hochschulschrift2019
9Borchert Daniel - 2020 - Data Science Methods to Decrease Experimental Efforts...pdf.jpgBorchert, Daniel Data science methods to decrease experimental efforts in quality by design tasksThesis Hochschulschrift2020
10Zahel Thomas - 2018 - Data science workflows for biopharmaceutical manufacturing...pdf.jpgZahel, Thomas Data science workflows for biopharmaceutical manufacturing process validation stage 1Thesis Hochschulschrift2018
11Gmeiner Christoph - 2014 - Development of a bioprocess for recombinant protein...pdf.jpgGmeiner, Christoph Development of a bioprocess for recombinant protein production with a Pichia pastoris och1 knock-out strainThesis Hochschulschrift2014
12Novak Katharina - 2021 - Development of a two-step bioprocess for CO2 fixation...pdf.jpgNovak, Katharina Development of a two-step bioprocess for CO2 fixation from industrial flue gas and production of a fuel chemicalThesis Hochschulschrift2020
13Pletzenauer Robert - 2014 - Enzymes in medical applications investigating the...pdf.jpgPletzenauer, Robert Enzymes in medical applications: investigating the enzyme horseradish peroxidaseThesis Hochschulschrift2014
14Marschall Lukas - 2016 - Expression tuning in Ecoli discussion of...pdf.jpgMarschall, Lukas Expression tuning in E.coli: discussion of state-of-the-art technologies and multivariate investigation of the pBAD mixed feed systemThesis Hochschulschrift2016
15Scherfler, Georg Maximilian Generation of optimal sampling schedules for an Escherichia coli fed-batch process with a modular automated sampling systemThesis Hochschulschrift2019
16Bonifert Guenther - 2015 - Glyco-engineered horseradish peroxidase for targeted...pdf.jpgBonifert, Günther Glyco-engineered horseradish peroxidase for targeted cancer treatmentThesis Hochschulschrift2015
17Kaineder Andreas - 2018 - High throughput inclusion body sizing and closed loop...pdf.jpgKaineder, Andreas High throughput inclusion body sizing and closed loop physiological process controlThesis Hochschulschrift2018
18Hartmann Thomas - 2019 - Influence of growth rate u on the specific penicillin...pdf.jpgHartmann, Thomas Influence of growth rate (µ) on the specific penicillin production rate (qPen) during a fermentation with the filamentous fungus Penicillium chrysogenumThesis Hochschulschrift2019
19Hauer Stefan Florian - 2020 - Investigation of the Effect of Complex Raw...pdf.jpgHauer, Stefan Florian Investigation of the effect of complex raw materials using metabolic flux balancing - a case study on penicillin fermentationThesis Hochschulschrift2020
20Pansy Alexander - 2018 - Investigation of the influence of large scale occurring...pdf.jpgPansy, Alexander Investigation of the influence of large scale occurring pH heterogeneities on CHO cellsThesis Hochschulschrift2018

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