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Miksch, Silvia
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1Schetinger, Victor ; Eiter, Thomas ; Kiesel, Rafael Peter David ; Miksch, Silvia The Combinatorics of HumaneAIPresentation Vortrag16-Nov-2022
2Miksch, Silvia Visual Analytics Meets Temporal Reasoning: Challenges and OpportunitiesPresentation Vortrag8-Nov-2022
3Miksch, Silvia Visual Analytics: Opportunities and ChallengesPresentation Vortrag19-Oct-2022
4Perez Messina, Ignacio Baltazar ; Ceneda, Davide ; Miksch, Silvia A Typology of Guidance in Mixed-Initiative Visual Analytics EnvironmentsPresentation Vortrag16-Jun-2022
5Piccolotto, Nikolaus ; Bögl, Markus ; Mühlmann, Christoph ; Nordhausen, Klaus ; Filzmoser, Peter ; Miksch, Silvia Visual Parameter Selection for Spatial Blind Source SeparationPresentation Vortrag15-Jun-2022
6Ceneda, Davide ; Arleo, Alessio ; Gschwandtner, Theresia ; Miksch, Silvia Show Me Your Face: Towards an Automated Method to Provide Timely Guidance in Visual AnalyticsPresentation Vortrag14-Jun-2022
7Miksch, Silvia Guidance-Enriched Visual Analytics: Challenges and OpportunitiesPresentation Vortrag25-Nov-2021
8Miksch, Silvia Visual Analytics Meet Electronic Health Records: How Can We Tackle the Challenges?Presentation Vortrag24-Oct-2021
9Miksch, Silvia Visual Analytics Meets Process Mining: Challenges and OpportunitiesPresentation Vortrag2021
10Schetinger, Victor ; Raminger, Kathrin ; Filipov, Velitchko ; Soursos, Nathalie ; Zapke, Susana ; Miksch, Silvia Bridging the Gap between Visual Analytics and Digital Humanities: Beyond the Data-Users-Tasks Design TrianglePräsentation Presentation2020
11Salisu, Saminu ; Mayr, Eva ; Filipov, Velitchko ; Windhager, Florian ; Leite, Roger Almeida ; Miksch, Silvia Shapes of Time: Visualizing Set Changes Over TimePräsentation Presentation2019
12Ceneda, Davide ; Gschwandtner, Theresia ; Miksch, Silvia A Review of Guidance Approaches in Visual Data Analysis:A Multifocal PerspectivePräsentation Presentation2019
13Filipov, Velitchko ; Ceneda, Davide ; Koller, Micael ; Arleo, Alessio ; Miksch, Silvia The Circle Of Thrones: Conveying the Story of Game of Thrones Using Radial InfographicsPräsentation Presentation2018
14Bors, Christian ; Bögl, Markus ; Bernard, Jürgen ; Gschwandtner, Theresia ; Miksch, Silvia Quantifying Uncertainty in Time Series Data ProcessingPräsentation Presentation2018
15Bögl, Markus ; Bors, Christian ; Gschwandtner, Theresia ; Miksch, Silvia Uncertainty types in segmenting and labeling time series dataPräsentation Presentation2018
16Bors, Christian ; Bögl, Markus ; Gschwandtner, Theresia ; Miksch, Silvia Visual Support for Rastering of Unequally Spaced Time SeriesPräsentation Presentation2017
17Bögl, Markus ; Filzmoser, Peter ; Gschwandtner, Theresia ; Lammarsch, Tim ; Leite, Roger Almeida ; Miksch, Silvia ; Rind, Alexander Cycle Plot Revisited: Multivariate Outlier Detection Using a Distance-Based AbstractionPräsentation Presentation2017
18Leite, Roger Almeida ; Gschwandtner, Theresia ; Miksch, Silvia ; Kriglstein, Simone ; Pohl, Margit ; Gstrein, Erich ; Kuntner, Johannes EVA: Visual Analytics to Identify Fraudulent EventsPräsentation Presentation2017
19Ceneda, Davide ; Gschwandtner, Theresia ; May, Thorsten ; Miksch, Silvia ; Schulz, Hans-Jörg ; Streit, Marc ; Tominski, Christian Amending the Characterization of Guidance in Visual AnalyticsPreprint Preprint2017
20Ceneda, Davide ; Gschwandtner, Theresia ; May, Thorsten ; Miksch, Silvia ; Schulz, Hans-Jorg ; Streit, Marc ; Tominski, Christian Characterizing Guidance in Visual AnalyticsPräsentation Presentation2016