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Kampel, Martin

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1Kavelar, Albert ; Zambanini, Sebastian ; Kampel, Martin Word detection applied to images of ancient Roman coinsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2012
2Licandro, Roxane ; Schlegl, Thomas ; Reiter, Michael ; Diem, Markus ; Dworzak, Michael ; Schumich, Angela ; Langs, Georg ; Kampel, Martin WGAN Latent Space Embeddings for Blast Identification in Childhood Acute Myeloid LeukaemiaKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2018
3Aguilera Antequera, Josep ; Thirde, David ; Kampel, Martin ; Borg, Mark ; Fernandez, Gustavo ; Ferryman, James Visual Surveillance for Airport Monitoring ApplicationsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2006
4Thirde, David ; Borg, Mark ; Valentin, Valery ; Fusier, Florent ; Aguilera Antequera, Josep ; Ferryman, James ; Bremond, Francois ; Thonnat, Monique ; Kampel, Martin ; Chellappa, Rama ; Ferryman, James ; Tan, Tieniu Visual Surveillance for Aircraft Activity MonitoringKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2005
5Kampel, Martin Vision based fall detectionPräsentation Presentation2011
6Kampel, Martin Videoüberwachung im Blickpunkt interessanter EntwicklungenPräsentation Presentation2006
7Kampel, Martin Videomanagment versus VideoanalysePräsentation Presentation2013
8Kampel, Martin Videoanalyse - Objekterkennung in BildernPräsentation Presentation2014
9Helm, Daniel ; Kampel, Martin Video Shot Analysis for Digital Curation and Preservation of Historical FilmsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2019
10Kampel, Martin Video Content AnalysisPräsentation Presentation2016
11Kampel, Martin Video Analyse zur KriminalpräventionPräsentation Presentation2011
12Kampel, Martin Verhaltensbasierte Ereigniserkennung durch sozio-technische VideoanalysePräsentation Presentation2011
13Hödlmoser, Michael ; Bober, Christoph ; Kampel, Martin Vehicle Guidance Implemented on a Single-Board ComputerPräsentation Presentation2011
14Zambanini, Sebastian ; Kampel, Martin Using Image Analysis to Match a Coin to a DatabaseKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
15Zweng, Andreas ; Kampel, Martin Using Depth Cameras and a Relational Feature Model for People DetectionKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
16Zweng, Andreas ; Kampel, Martin ; Cetin, Müjdat ; Boyer, Kim ; Lee, Seong-Whan Unexpected Human Behavior Recognition in Image Sequences Using Multiple FeaturesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2010
17Rota, Paolo ; Kleber, Florian ; Reiter, Michael ; Groenefeld-Krentz, Stefanie ; Kampel, Martin The Role of Machine Learning in Medical Data Analysis. A Case Study: Flow CytometryKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2016
18Kampel, Martin The Profiler - a Sparkling Science projectPräsentation Presentation2016
19Kavelar, A. ; Zambanini, S. ; Kampel, M. ; Vondrovec, K. ; Siegl, K. THE ILAC-PROJECT: SUPPORTING ANCIENT COIN CLASSIFICATION BY MEANS OF IMAGE ANALYSISKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2013
20Kampel, Martin The Fearless ProjectPräsentation Presentation2012

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PreviewAuthors / EditorsTitleTypeIssue Date
1Lumetzberger Jennifer - 2019 - System evaluation for fall detection and...pdf.jpgLumetzberger, Jennifer System evaluation for fall detection and preventionThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
2Angerer Paul - 2018 - Stresserkennung mit Hilfe von Gesichtsausdruecke aus...pdf.jpgAngerer, Paul Stresserkennung mit Hilfe von Gesichtsausdrücke aus Videosequenzen : von Paul AngererThesis Hochschulschrift 2018
3Licandro Roxane - 2021 - Spatio Temporal Modelling of Dynamic Developmental...pdf.jpgLicandro, Roxane Spatio temporal modelling of dynamic developmental patternsThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
4Moldan Herbert - 2014 - Smoke and fire detection using 2D and 3D multi-sensor...pdf.jpgMoldan, Herbert Smoke and fire detection using 2D and 3D multi-sensor fusionThesis Hochschulschrift 2014
5Wolf Patrick - 2015 - Simplifying indoor scenes for real-time manipulation on...pdf.jpgWolf, Patrick Simplifying indoor scenes for real-time manipulation on mobile devicesThesis Hochschulschrift 2015
6Zafirova Deana - 2020 - Shot Boundary Detection A fundamental base for automatic...pdf.jpgZafirova, Deana Shot boundary detection: a fundamental base for automatic video analysisThesis Hochschulschrift 2020
7Weinert Nicole Melanie - 2021 - Robo-Smile Development of a facial expression...pdf.jpgWeinert, Nicole Melanie Robo-Smile: Development of a facial expression feedback system for an emotion learning platform for children with ASDThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
8Knapp Jakob - 2021 - Real-Time Person Segmentation on Mobile Phones.pdf.jpgKnapp, Jakob Real-time person segmentation on mobile phonesThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
9Hagen, Takaki Real-time Background Substraction System for Videos on Mobile DevicesThesis Hochschulschrift2021
10Sablatnig, Robert ; Kampel, Martin ; Lettner, Martin Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Virtual Systems and MultimediaKonferenzband Proceedings 2009
11Strohmayer Julian - 2020 - Multi-modal fusion of depth and thermal images for...pdf.jpgStrohmayer, Julian Multi-modal fusion of depth and thermal images for human behavior modelingThesis Hochschulschrift 2020
12Hoedlmoser Stefan - 2014 - Multi-image morphing summarizing visual information...pdf.jpgHödlmoser, Stefan Multi-image morphing: summarizing visual information from similar image regionsThesis Hochschulschrift 2014
13Doppelbauer Stefan - 2017 - Mobility analysis for frailty syndrome assessment.pdf.jpgDoppelbauer, Stefan Mobility analysis for frailty syndrome assessmentThesis Hochschulschrift 2017
14Anwar Hafeez - 2015 - Invariant image representations for object category-based...pdf.jpgAnwar, Hafeez Invariant image representations for object category-based image classificationThesis Hochschulschrift 2015
15Wetzinger Elisabeth Reingard - 2016 - Interdisciplinary media education concept...pdf.jpgWetzinger, Elisabeth Reingard Interdisciplinary media education concept using image-based person profilingThesis Hochschulschrift 2016
16Kernegger Karin - 2013 - Improving error detection rate using retesting in...pdf.jpgKernegger, Karin Improving error detection rate using retesting in automated security testing toolsThesis Hochschulschrift 2013
17Zaharieva, Maia ; Kampel, Martin ; Zambanini, Sebastian ; Kropatsch, Walter ; Kampel, Martin ; Hanbury, Allan Image based recognition of ancient coinsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2007
18Schurischuster Stefan - 2018 - Image analysis approaches for parasite detection...pdf.jpgSchurischuster, Stefan Image analysis approaches for parasite detection on honeybeesThesis Hochschulschrift 2018
19Praeauer Michael - 2014 - HomeRehab development of a supportive tool for home...pdf.jpgPräauer, Michael HomeRehab : development of a supportive tool for home rehabilitation based on a depth cameraThesis Hochschulschrift 2014
20Heitzinger Thomas - 2019 - High accuracy image segmentation for motor vehicles.pdf.jpgHeitzinger, Thomas High accuracy image segmentation for motor vehiclesThesis Hochschulschrift 2019