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Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
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Wimmer, Michael

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1Reznicek Alexander - 2020 - Accelerating Ray Tracing using FPGAs.pdf.jpgReznicek, Alexander Accelerating ray tracing using FPGAsThesis Hochschulschrift2020
2Weinzierl-Heigl Christoph - 2017 - Adaptively clustered reflective shadow maps.pdf.jpgWeinzierl-Heigl, Christoph Adaptively clustered reflective shadow mapsThesis Hochschulschrift2017
3Cornel Daniel - 2014 - Analysis of forced random sampling.pdf.jpgCornel, Daniel Analysis of forced random samplingThesis Hochschulschrift2014
4Wallner Simon - 2018 - Applying Information Theory to Formal Models of Play.pdf.jpgWallner, Simon Applying Information Theory to Formal Models of PlayThesis Hochschulschrift2018
5Podaras Silvana - 2017 - Automated classification of road -surface types based...pdf.jpgPodaras, Silvana Automated classification of road -surface types based on crowd-sourced dataThesis Hochschulschrift2017
6Leimer Kurt - 2016 - Co-analysis and parameterization of 3D shape collections...pdf.jpgLeimer, Kurt Co-analysis and parameterization of 3D shape collections for shape synthesisThesis Hochschulschrift2016
7May Michael - 2015 - Design and implementation of a shader infrastructure and...pdf.jpgMay, Michael Design and implementation of a shader infrastructure and abstraction layerThesis Hochschulschrift2015
8Birsak Michael - 2018 - Discrete optimization on graphs and grids for the...pdf.jpgBirsak, Michael Discrete optimization on graphs and grids for the creation of navigational and artistic imageryThesis Hochschulschrift2018
9Preiner Reinhold - 2017 - Dynamic and probabilistic point-cloud processing.pdf.jpgPreiner, Reinhold Dynamic and probabilistic point-cloud processingThesis Hochschulschrift2017
10Prost Lukas Tobias - 2019 - Echtzeit Approximation von Photometrischen...pdf.jpgProst, Lukas Tobias Echtzeit Approximation von Photometrischen Flächenlichtquellen für Interaktives LichtdesignThesis Hochschulschrift2019
11Hernadi Laszlo Andras - 2019 - Ein Vergleich ausgewaehlter Frameworks zur...pdf.jpgHernádi, László András Ein Vergleich ausgewählter Frameworks zur Programmierung von GPGPUsThesis Hochschulschrift2019
12Jordakieva Ivalina - 2017 - Entwicklung und Visualisierung von Filterregeln in...pdf.jpgJordakieva, Ivalina Entwicklung und Visualisierung von Filterregeln in autonomen Software-AgentenThesis Hochschulschrift2017
13Tomaschitz Christian Johannes - 2020 - Erlernen von Programmieren an Oberstufen...pdf.jpgTomaschitz, Christian Johannes Erlernen von Programmieren an Oberstufen der Gymnasien Österreichs durch Computergrafik- unterstützte AusgabeThesis Hochschulschrift2020
14Bauer Dominik - 2018 - Evaluation of the recognition distances of safety signs...pdf.jpgBauer, Dominik Evaluation of the recognition distances of safety signs in VR cosidering vision impairmentsThesis Hochschulschrift2018
15Freude Christian - 2014 - Extending separable subsurface scattering to arbitrary...pdf.jpgFreude, Christian Extending separable subsurface scattering to arbitrary materialsThesis Hochschulschrift2014
16Laager Florian - 2018 - Global registration of range scans with match tolerance...pdf.jpgLaager, Florian Global registration of range scans with match tolerance verificationThesis Hochschulschrift2018
17Fink Heinrich - 2013 - GPU-based video processing in the context of TV...pdf.jpgFink, Heinrich GPU-based video processing in the context of TV broadcastingThesis Hochschulschrift2013
18Zapotocky Stephan - 2013 - Image-based modeling with polyhedral primitives.pdf.jpgZapotocky, Stephan Image-based modeling with polyhedral primitivesThesis Hochschulschrift2013
19Houska Peter - 2019 - Improved persistent grid mapping.pdf.jpgHouska, Peter Improved persistent grid mappingThesis Hochschulschrift2019
20Stappen Stefan - 2019 - Improving real-time rendering quality and efficiency...pdf.jpgStappen, Stefan Improving real-time rendering quality and efficiency using variable rate shading on modern hardwareThesis Hochschulschrift2019

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