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Dietrich, Dietmar

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1Bleier Berthold Johann - 2010 - Wireless routing in new generation lighting...pdf.jpgBleier, Berthold Johann Wireless routing in new generation lighting systems : implementation of a wireless routing protocol for low-cost systems in building automationThesis Hochschulschrift2010
2Gartner Roswitha - 2009 - Wegplanung emotionaler autonomer Agenten.pdf.jpgGartner, Roswitha Wegplanung emotionaler, autonomer AgentenThesis Hochschulschrift2009
3Spinola Durante Marco - 2009 - Wakeup receiver for wireless sensor networks.pdf.jpgSpinola Durante, Marco Wakeup receiver for wireless sensor networksThesis Hochschulschrift2009
4Pickelbauer Michael - 2011 - Voice over IP integration in service component...pdf.jpgPickelbauer, Michael Voice over IP integration in service component architectureThesis Hochschulschrift2011
5Hambeck Christian - 2011 - Ultra-low power wake-up receiver for wireless sensor...pdf.jpgHambeck, Christian Ultra-low power wake-up receiver for wireless sensor networksThesis Hochschulschrift2011
6Faschang Mario - 2011 - System fuer die koordinierte Ladung von...pdf.jpgFaschang, MarioSystem für die koordinierte Ladung von ElektrofahrzeugenThesis Hochschulschrift2011
7Katzdobler Franz-Josef - 2010 - Static software analysis for safety-critical...pdf.jpgKatzdobler, Franz-Josef Static software analysis for safety-critical systemsThesis Hochschulschrift2010
8Schaat Samer - 2016 - Simulation of foundational human information-processing in...pdf.jpgSchaat, Samer Simulation of foundational human information-processing in social context : using the concept of a state indicator to decide socially influenced cooperative and environmentally friendly behavior with the SiMA-C mental architectureThesis Hochschulschrift2016
9Hirschler Bernd Axel - 2011 - Secure stack for clocks synchronized by IEEE 1588.pdf.jpgHirschler, Bernd Axel Secure stack for clocks synchronized by IEEE 1588Thesis Hochschulschrift2011
10Kohlweiss Georg - 2007 - Robuste Funkuebertragung fuer mobile Videoapplikationen.pdf.jpgKohlweiß, Georg Robuste Funkübertragung für mobile VideoapplikationenThesis Hochschulschrift2007
11Bigler Thomas - 2011 - Realisierung eines intelligenten Kuehlschranks mit...pdf.jpgBigler, Thomas Realisierung eines intelligenten Kühlschranks mit Ethernet-Anbindung : EtherFridgeThesis Hochschulschrift2011
12Krywult Stefan - 2006 - Real-time communication systems for small autonomous...pdf.jpgKrywult, Stefan Real-time communication systems for small autonomous robotsThesis Hochschulschrift2006
13Faschang Mario - 2015 - Rapid control prototyping for networked Smart Grid...pdf.jpgFaschang, Mario Rapid control prototyping for networked Smart Grid systems based on an agile development processThesis Hochschulschrift2015
14Bumerl-Lexa Roman - 2004 - Pruefeinrichtung fuer CAN-busgesteuerte Gurtstraffer.pdf.jpgBumerl-Lexa, Roman Prüfeinrichtung für CAN-busgesteuerte GurtstrafferThesis Hochschulschrift2004
15Pratl Gerhard - 2006 - Processing and symbolization of ambient sensor data.pdf.jpgPratl, Gerhard Processing and symbolization of ambient sensor dataThesis Hochschulschrift2006
16Bruckner Dietmar - 2007 - Probabilistic models in building automation...pdf.jpgBruckner, DietmarProbabilistic models in building automation : recognizing scenarios with statistical methodsThesis Hochschulschrift2007
17Mironov Konstantin - 2016 - Predicting the trajectory of the flying object with...pdf.jpgMironov, Konstantin Predicting the trajectory of the flying object with use of k-nearest neighbors : determination of thrown object impact position in manufacturing transportation systemsThesis Hochschulschrift2016
18Gropp Armin - 2011 - Power supply unit for wireless sensor networks.pdf.jpgGropp, Armin Power supply unit for wireless sensor networksThesis Hochschulschrift2011
19Bruckner Dietmar - 2004 - Plattform zur Bildbearbeitung autonomer Kleinstroboter.pdf.jpgBruckner, Dietmar Plattform zur Bildbearbeitung autonomer KleinstroboterThesis Hochschulschrift2004
20Pena Landaburu Yoseba Koldobika - 2006 - Optimal allocation and scheduling of...pdf.jpgPeña Landaburu, Yoseba Koldobika Optimal allocation and scheduling of demand in deregulated energy marketsThesis Hochschulschrift2006