Manuskripte beziehungsweise vorläufige Versionen eines Artikels, welche auf einem öffentlichen Server hochgeladen wurden und zur Einreichung bei einer Zeitschrift vorgesehen sind. Ein Preprint hat noch keinen Peer-Review-Prozess durchlaufen.

Manuscripts or preliminary versions of an article that have been uploaded to a public server and are intended for submission to a journal. A preprint has not yet undergone a peer review process.

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Freyer-2023-Polynomial Bounds in Koldobskys Discrete Slicing Problem-ao.pdf.jpgFreyer, Ansgar ; Henk, Martin Polynomial Bounds in Koldobsky's Discrete Slicing ProblemPreprint Preprint 28-Mar-2023
Yeliseyev, Vladimir ; Fleer, Leonid ; Shevchenko, Anatolii ; Shevchenko, Sergey ; Haddadi, Bahram , et alEvaluation of the Dynamic Characteristics of a Particle Penetrating into Liquid Cast IronPreprint Preprint10-Aug-2022
Daniilidis, Aris ; Salas, David ; Tapia Garcia, Sebastian A slope generalization of Attouch theoremPreprint Preprint17-Nov-2023
Daniilidis, Aris ; Salas, David Steepest geometric descent for regularized quasiconvex functionsPreprint Preprint2-Oct-2023
Daniilidis, Aris ; Le, Minh Tri ; Salas, David Metric compatibility and determination incomplete metric spacesPreprint Preprint28-Aug-2023
Alexandra Bergmayr ; Florian Kanitschar ; Matej Pivoluska ; Marcus Huber How to harness high-dimensional temporal entanglement, using limited interferometry setupsPreprint Preprint8-Aug-2023
Ceneda-2023-A Heuristic Approach for Dual ExpertEnd-User Evaluation of G...-smur.pdf.jpgCeneda, Davide ; Collins, Christopher ; El-Assady, Mennatallah ; Miksch, Silvia ; Tominski, Christian , et alA Heuristic Approach for Dual Expert/End-User Evaluation of Guidance in Visual AnalyticsPreprint Preprint 24-Aug-2023
Maszl-Kantner, Christian ; Naulin, Volker ; Schrittwieser, Roman On the genesis and nature of Palm Tree Modes in the JET tokamakPreprint Preprint22-Jun-2021
Trnka-2023-Global Scale Mapping of Subsurface Scattering Signals Impacti...-smur.pdf.jpgWagner, Wolfgang ; Lindorfer, Roland ; Hahn, Sebastian ; Kim, Hyunglok ; Vreugdenhil, Mariette , et alGlobal Scale Mapping of Subsurface Scattering Signals Impacting ASCAT Soil Moisture RetrievalsPreprint Preprint 31-Aug-2023
Wang, Siyang ; Yan, Jieyu ; Song, Sirius ; Atanassov, Alexander ; Wu, Zhihan , et alHigh-performance ultrafast pulse compression in the visible spectral range for extreme nonlinear optics at kHz-MHz repetition ratesPreprint Preprint3-Jul-2023
Popmintchev, Dimitar ; Imani, Aref ; Carpeggiani, Paolo Antonio ; Roman, Joris ; Wang, Siyang , et alContinuously Red-Shift and Blue-Shift Wavelength-Tuneable, Narrowband, High Harmonics in the EUV - X-ray Regime for Resonance Imaging and SpectroscopiesPreprint Preprint3-Jul-2023
Li, Kui ; Popmintchev, Dimitar ; Li, Ruixuan ; Zhang, Guangyin ; Meng, Runyu , et alAn efficient and aberration-free off-plane grating spectrometer and monochromator for EUV – soft X-ray applicationsPreprint Preprint14-Jun-2023
Popmintchev, Dimitar ; Imani, Aref ; Carpeggiani, Paolo Antonio ; Roman, Joris ; Wang, Siyang , et alUltrafast Ultraviolet C and Visible Laser Light with Broadly Tunable SpectrumPreprint Preprint1-Jul-2023
Loeffler-2022-A quantum logic gate for free electrons-smur.pdf.jpgLöffler, Stefan ; Schachinger, Thomas ; Hartel, Peter ; Lu, Peng-Han ; Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal , et alA quantum logic gate for free electronsPreprint Preprint 15-Sep-2022
Lei Chen ; Fang Xie ; Shouvik Sur ; Haoyu Hu ; Bühler-Paschen, Silke , et alEmergent flat band and topological Kondo semimetal driven by orbital-selective correlationsPreprint Preprint21-Dec-2022
Yiming Wang ; Setty, Chandan ; Shouvik Sur ; Liyang Chen ; Bühler-Paschen, Silke , et alShot noise as a characterization of strongly correlated metalsPreprint Preprint21-Nov-2022
Liyang Chen ; Dale T. Lowder ; Bakali, Emine ; Andrews, Aaron Maxwell ; Schrenk, Werner , et alShot noise indicates the lack of quasiparticles in a strange metalPreprint Preprint6-Dec-2022
Key, Fabian ; von Danwitz, Max ; Ballarin, Francesco ; Rozza, Gianluigi Model Order Reduction for Deforming Domain Problems in a Time-Continuous Space-Time SettingPreprint Preprint29-Mar-2023
Heinz-2022-High-Order Non-Conforming Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for ...-smur.pdf.jpgHeinz, Johannes ; Munch, Peter ; Kaltenbacher, Manfred High-Order Non-Conforming Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the Acoustic Conservation EquationsPreprint Preprint 14-Oct-2022
Körbel, Benjamin ; Sigwart, Marten ; Frauenthaler, Philipp ; Sober, Michael ; Schulte, Stefan Blockchain-based Result Verification for Computation OffloadingPreprint Preprint2021
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in descending order): 1 to 20 of 284
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