Manuskripte beziehungsweise vorläufige Versionen eines Artikels, welche auf einem öffentlichen Server hochgeladen wurden und zur Einreichung bei einer Zeitschrift vorgesehen sind. Ein Preprint hat noch keinen Peer-Review-Prozess durchlaufen.

Manuscripts or preliminary versions of an article that have been uploaded to a public server and are intended for submission to a journal. A preprint has not yet undergone a peer review process.

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Hunold, Sascha A Survey on Reproducibility in Parallel ComputingPreprint Preprint2015
Hunold, Sascha ; Carpen-Amarie, Alexandra MPI Benchmarking Revisited: Experimental Design and ReproducibilityPreprint Preprint2015
Cabalar, Pedro ; Fandiño, Jorge ; Fink, Michael Causal Graph Justifications of Logic ProgramsPreprint Preprint2014
Pöter, Manuel Pheet meets C++11Preprint Preprint2014
Eiter, Thomas ; Fink, Michael ; Krennwallner, Thomas ; Redl, Christoph Conflict-driven ASP Solving with External SourcesPreprint Preprint2012
Eiter, Thomas ; Erdem, Esra ; Erdogan, Halit ; Fink, Michael Finding Similar/Diverse Solutions in Answer Set ProgrammingPreprint Preprint2011
Drescher, Christian ; Eiter, Thomas ; Fink, Michael ; Krennwallner, Thomas ; Walsh, Toby Symmetry Breaking for Distributed Multi-Context SystemsPreprint Preprint2011
Fink, Michael A General Framework for Equivalences in Answer-Set Programming by Countermodels in the Logic of Here-and-TherePreprint Preprint2010
Macharia, Pauline ; Kitaka, Nzula ; Kreuzinger, Norbert Evaluating Energy performance and Energy losses associated with water supply in AfricaPreprint PreprintOct-2020
Popmintchev-2020-Theory of the Chromatic Dispersion, Revisited-ao.pdf.jpgPopmintchev, Dimitar ; Wang, Siyang ; Zhang, Xiaoshi ; Popmintchev, Tenio Theory of the Chromatic Dispersion, RevisitedPreprint Preprint 30-Oct-2020
Nickel-2022-Planarizing Graphs and their Drawings by Vertex Splitting-ao.pdf.jpgNickel, Soeren ; Nöllenburg, Martin ; Sorge, Manuel ; Villedieu, Anais ; Wu, Hsiang-Yun , et alPlanarizing Graphs and their Drawings by Vertex SplittingPreprint Preprint 2022
Jawecki-2022-Unitarity of some barycentric rational approximants-smur.pdf.jpgJawecki, Tobias ; Singh, Pranav Unitarity of some barycentric rational approximants Preprint Preprint 21-May-2022
Garbe-2023-The bosonic skin effect boundary condensation in asymmetric tra...-ao.pdf.jpgGarbe, Louis Marie Francois ; Minoguchi, Yuri Stefan ; Huber, Julian ; Rabl, Peter The bosonic skin effect: boundary condensation in asymmetric transportPreprint Preprint 26-Jan-2023
Mazumdar-2022-Towards faster settlement in HTLC-based Cross-Chain Atomic...-smur.pdf.jpgMazumdar, Subhra Towards faster settlement in HTLC-based Cross-Chain Atomic SwapsPreprint Preprint 28-Nov-2022
Abele, Hartmut The Unitarity problem of the CKM matrixPreprint Preprint2003
Ballhausen, H. ; Abele, Hartmut ; Gähler, R. ; Trapp, M. ; Van Overberghe, A. Imaging with Scattered NeutronsPreprint Preprint2006
Ballhausen, H. ; Abele, Hartmut ; Eccleston, R. S. ; Gähler, R. ; Smith, A. J. , et alNeutron Radiography Analysis of a Transient Liquid Phase JointPreprint Preprint2006
Adamczewski, Boris ; Bugeaud, Yann On the Maillet-Baker continued fractionsPreprint Preprint2005
Adamczewski, Boris ; Bugeaud, Yann Palindromic continued fractionsPreprint Preprint2005
Kellner, Jakob ; Shelah, Saharon SacharinityPreprint Preprint2006
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in descending order): 41 to 60 of 284
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