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Kapitel oder Teile eines Buches, die sich mit einem Thema oder einzelnen Themenaspekten befassen. Hier finden Sie (selbständige) Kapitel in Sammelbänden, Vorworte, Beiträge in Abstract Books und Beiträge in künstlerischen Druckwerken.

Chapters or parts of a book that deal with a topic or individual aspects of a topic. Here you will find (independent) chapters of edited volumes, editorials, contributions in Abstract Books and contributions in artistic books.

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Dillinger-2023-The Colours of Spatial Planning-vor.pdf.jpgDillinger, Thomas ; Dumke, Hartmut ; Grinzinger, Elias ; Hirschler, Petra ; Janesch, Theresa Lisa , et alForever young — 15 years of (t)raum.regionBook Contribution Buchbeitrag 2023
Stoiber, Christina ; Wagner, Markus ; Grassinger, Florian ; Pohl, Margit ; Stitz, Holger , et alVisualization Onboarding Grounded in Educational TheoriesBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2023
Pohl, Margit ; Haider, Johanna Doppler ; Seidler, Patrick ; Kodagoda, Neesha ; Wong, B. L. William Analysis of Sensemaking Strategies: Psychological Theories in PracticeBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2023
Schlund, Sebastian AssistenzsystemeBook Contribution Buchbeitrag25-Jul-2023
Clemens Heitzinger ; Stefan Woltran A Short Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Methods, Success Stories, and Current LimitationsBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2024
Weiss, Astrid ; Vrecar, Rafael ; Zamiechowska, Joanna ; Purgathofer, Peter It’s Only a Bot! How Adversarial Chatbots can be a Vehicle to Teach Responsible AIBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2023
Kühn, Wilfried Florian Milano, Wien : The City as CollectionBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2023
Koncar-Gamulin, Lovro Arizona Market: Navigating Change in Brcko’s Post-conflict LandscapeBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2023
Carlin, Brendon Nikolas Architecture, Behaviour, and Magic : On the Architect's Design of Forms of LifeBook Contribution Buchbeitrag13-Apr-2023
Bretschneider, Johannes ; Sattlegger, Sebastian ; Singer, Manuel ; Schneider, Ute Synthese. Die Kartierung des Wiener Nordostens : Erfahrungen, Beobachtungen, EntwurfsprinzipienBook Contribution BuchbeitragApr-2023
Prado Lopez, Sonia Single-Cell Sequencing in Cancer Research: Challenges and OpportunitiesBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2023
Giffinger, Rudolf ; Kramar, Hans Defining Indicator Systems for Liveable CitiesBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2023
Waltersdorfer, Laura ; Breit, Anna ; Ekaputra, Fajar J. ; Sabou, Marta ; Ekelhart, Andreas , et alSemantic Web Machine Learning Systems: An Analysis of System PatternsBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2023
Putra, Rachmad Vidya Wicaksana ; Hanif, Muhammad Abdullah ; Shafique, Muhammad Massively Parallel Neural Processing Array (MPNA): A CNN Accelerator for Embedded SystemsBook Contribution Buchbeitrag 1-Oct-2023
Garmendia, Antonio ; Bork, Dominik ; Eisenberg, Martin ; Ferreira, Thiago ; Kessentini, Marouane , et alLeveraging Artificial Intelligence for Model-based Software Analysis and DesignBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2023
Marchisio, Alberto ; Shafique, Muhammad Embedded Neuromorphic Using Intel’s Loihi ProcessorBook Contribution Buchbeitrag 10-Oct-2023
Naseer, Mahum ; Bhatti, Iram Tariq ; Hasan, Osman ; Shafique, Muhammad Considering the Impact of Noise on Machine Learning AccuracyBook Contribution Buchbeitrag 7-Oct-2023
Putra, Rachmad Vidya Wicaksana ; Hanif, Muhammad Abdullah ; Shafique, Muhammad An Off-Chip Memory Access Optimization for Embedded Deep Learning SystemsBook Contribution Buchbeitrag 1-Oct-2023
Prabakaran, Bharath Srinivas ; Shafique, Muhammad An End-to-End Embedded Neural Architecture Search and Model Compression Framework for Healthcare Applications and Use-CasesBook Contribution Buchbeitrag 7-Oct-2023
Marchisio, Alberto ; Hanif, Muhammad Abdullah ; Shafique, Muhammad Adversarial ML for DNNs, CapsNets, and SNNs at the EdgeBook Contribution Buchbeitrag 7-Oct-2023
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in descending order): 21 to 40 of 5895
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