Numerical Methods and Applications

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Numerical Methods and Applications
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1Vitanov, S. ; Nedjalkov, M. ; Palankovski, V. ; Boyanov, Todor ; Dimova, Stefka ; Georgiev, Krassimir ; Nikolov, Geno A Monte Carlo Model of Piezoelectric Scattering in GaNBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2007
2Benam, Majid ; Nedjalkov, Mihail ; Selberherr, Siegfried ; Nikolov, Geno ; Kolkovska, Natalia T. ; Georgiev, Krassimir A Wigner Potential Decomposition in the Signed-Particle Monte Carlo ApproachBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2019
3Cervenka, Johann ; Ellinghaus, Paul ; Nedjalkov, Mihail ; Dimov, Ivan ; Fidanova, Stefka ; Lirkov, Ivan Deterministic Solution of the Discrete Wigner EquationBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2015
4Gnam, Lukas ; Selberherr, Siegfried ; Weinbub, Josef ; Nikolov, Geno ; Kolkovska, Natalia T. ; Georgiev, Krassimir Evaluation of Serial and Parallel Shared-Memory Distance-1 Graph Coloring AlgorithmsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2019
5Makarov, Alexander ; Sverdlov, Viktor ; Selberherr, Siegfried ; Dimov, Ivan ; Dimova, Stefka ; Kolkovska, Natalia T. Modeling of the SET and RESET Process in Bipolar Resistive Oxide-Based Memory Using Monte Carlo SimulationsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2011
6Krastanov, Michail ; Veliov, Vladimir On the stabilizability of control constrained linear systemsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2003
7Ellinghaus, Paul ; Nedjalkov, Mihail ; Selberherr, Siegfried ; Dimov, Ivan ; Fidanova, Stefka ; Lirkov, Ivan Optimized Particle Regeneration Scheme for the Wigner Monte Carlo MethodBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2015
8Nedjalkov, M. ; Selberherr, S. ; Dimov, I. ; Dimov, Ivan ; Dimova, Stefka ; Kolkovska, Natalia T. Stochastic Algorithm for Solving the Wigner-Boltzmann Correction EquationBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2011