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  • Books

  • Wind power deployment in urbanised regions

    An institutional analysis of planning and Implementation
    Nabielek, Pia
    TU Wien Academic Press Wien, 2020
  • Zur Spaltrissbildung von textilbewehrtem Beton

    Preinstorfer, Philipp
    TU Wien Academic Press Wien, 2020
  • Place of importance

    Gestaltung sozialintegrativer Bildungsräume im Kontext von Flucht und Asyl
    Harather, Karin ; Peer, Christian M. ; Semlitsch, Emanuela
    TU Wien Academic Press Wien, 2019
  • Series of publications by the Fakultät für Architektur und Raumplanung

    Research, teaching and practice require intersections and reciprocal connections. Placing a spotlight on these linkages, this publication series conveys insights into a broad spectrum of approaches, formats and contributions grounded on the research-based teaching of the Faculty for Architecture and Planning at TU Wien.
  • Krakau Partituren

    Bachelor- und Masterentwerfen
    Hasler, Thomas (Ed.) ; Nizic, Ines (Ed.) ; Jadric, Mladen (Ed.) ; De Chiffre, Lorenzo (Ed.) ; Brnic, Ivica (Ed.) ; Krenn, Theresa (Ed.)
    TU Wien Academic Press Wien, 2020
  • At home in Vienna

    Studies of exemplary affordable housing
    Alic, Dijana (Ed.) ; Jadric, Mladen (Ed.)
    TU Wien Academic Press Wien, 2019