Adaptive Information Systems and Modelling in Economics and Management Science

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Adaptive Information Systems and Modelling in Economics and Management Science
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1Sallans, Brian ; Pfister, Alexander ; Karatzoglou, A. ; Dorffner, Georg ; Taudes, Alfred A Simulation Model of Coupled Consumer and Financial MarketsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2005
2Steinberger, Thomas ; Zinner, Lucas ; Taudes, Alfred Agent-Based Simulation of Power MarketsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2005
3Hornik, Kurt ; Leisch, Friedrich ; Taudes, Alfred Ensemble Methods for Cluster AnalysisBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2005
4Dockner, Engelbert ; Sögner, Leopold ; Taudes, Alfred Expectation formation and learning in capital market modelsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2005
5Hamann, Eva ; Deistler, Manfred ; Scherrer, Wolfgang ; Taudes, Alfred Factor models for multivariate time seriesBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2005
6Ribarits, Thomas ; Deistler, Manfred ; Taudes, Alfred Identification of multivariate state-space systemsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2005
7Miazhynskaia, Tatiana ; Dockner, Engelbert ; Frühwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia ; Dorffner, Georg ; Taudes, Alfred Non-linear Volatility Modeling in Classical and Bayesian Frameworks with Applications to Risk ManagementBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2005
8Hornik, Kurt ; Leisch, Friedrich ; Taudes, Alfred Open and Extensible Software for Data Analysis in Management ScienceBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2005
9Steinberger, Thomas ; Zinner, Lucas ; Taudes, Alfred Parameter Estimation and Forecasting under Asymmetric LossBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2005
10Meyer, D. ; Karatzoglou, A. ; Taudes, Alfred The Artificial Economy: A Generic Simulation Environment for Heterogeneous AgentsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2005