Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems

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Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems
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Springer International Publishing
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Lecture Notes in Computer Science

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1Ceccarelli, Andrea ; Bondavalli, Andrea ; Froemel, Bernhard ; Hoeftberger, Oliver ; Kopetz, Hermann Basic Concepts on Systems of SystemsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2016
2Kopetz, Hermann ; Bondavalli, Andrea ; Brancati, Francesco ; Frömel, Bernhard ; Höftberger, Oliver ; Iacob, Sorin Emergence in Cyber-Physical Systems-of-Systems (CPSoSs)Buchbeitrag Book Contribution 2016
3Frömel, Bernhard ; Kopetz, Hermann Interfaces in Evolving Cyber-Physical Systems-of-SystemsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2016
4Ceccarelli, Andrea ; Brancati, Francesco ; Frömel, Bernhard ; Höftberger, Oliver Time and Resilient Master Clocks in Cyber-Physical SystemsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2016