Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization

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Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization
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Springer Nature Switzerland AG
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Cham, Switzerland
Series Schriftenreihe
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
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1Frohner, Nikolaus ; Neumann, Bernhard ; Raidl, Günther R. A Beam Search Approach to the Traveling Tournament ProblemKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2020
2Taghizadeh, Gelareh ; Musliu, Nysret A Hybrid Feature Selection Algorithm Based on Large Neighborhood SearchKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2017
3Biesinger, Benjamin ; Hu, Bin ; Raidl, Günther R. A Variable Neighborhood Search for the Generalized Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic DemandsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2015
4Mayerhofer-2022-A Beam Search fortheShortest Common Supersequence Problem ...-am.pdf.jpgMayerhofer, Jonas ; Kirchweger, Markus ; Huber, Marc ; Raidl, Günther A Beam Search for the Shortest Common Supersequence Problem Guided by an Approximate Expected Length CalculationInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2022
5Kloimüllner, Christian ; Raidl, Günther Efficient Consideration of Soft Time Windows in a Large Neighborhood Search for the Districting and Routing Problem for Security ControlKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2017
6Kubalik, Jiri ; Mordinyi, Richard ; Biffl, Stefan Multiobjective Prototype Optimization with Evolved Improvement StepsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2008