EURO-C 2006 Conference on Computational Modelling of Concrete Structures

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EURO-C 2006 Conference on Computational Modelling of Concrete Structures
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Event for scientific audience
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Mayrhofen, Tirol
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1Burtscher, Stefan ; Kollegger, Johann Advances in retrofit of concrete bridges by a new wedge anchorage for prestressing of CFRP-elementsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2006
2Popov, Rossitza ; Kollegger, Johann Automated design procedure for the optimum reinforcement in plates and shellsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2006
3Wang, Ru Nanoindentation Study on Cement Pastes Containing Additives Subjected to High TemperaturePräsentation Presentation2006
4Kollegger, Johann ; Köberl, Bernd Numerical simulation of a method to construct double curved reinforced concrete shells without formworkKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2006
5Pichler, Bernhard Propagation of Interacting Microcracks Results in Macroscopic Tensile Strain-Softening of Brittle Materials - A Combined Fracture and Micromechanics ApproachPräsentation Presentation2006
6Pichler, Christian Scaling Relations for Viscoelastic-Cohesive Conical Indentation - Identification of Material Properties from Instrumented IndentationPräsentation Presentation2006
7Scheiner, Stefan Stable Pitting Corrosion of Steel: A Diffusion-Controlled Dissolution ProcessPräsentation Presentation2006
8Zeiml, Matthias Structural Safety Assessment of Concrete Tunnel Shells Subjected to Fire LoadingPräsentation Presentation2006
9Meinhard, Klaus Validation and Application of a Multi-Phase Hydration Model for the Back-Analysis of Properties of Jet-Grouted StructuresPräsentation Presentation2006