QIEM 2nd International Conference on Quality and Innovation in Engineering and Management

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QIEM 2nd International Conference on Quality and Innovation in Engineering and Management
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Event for scientific audience
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Cluj-Napoca, RO
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1Demircioglu, Pinar ; Durakbasa, M. Numan ; Tan, Ozgur A Comparison Between Contact Type Profilometer and Different D Optical Techniques: A Case Study in Characterization of Machined Surface StructuresKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
2Coskun, Deniz ; Demircioglu, Pinar ; Bogrekci, Ismail ; Durakbasa, M. Numan Electrodynamical considerations in r-t measurements of high Tc bulk superconductivity: an inexpensive set up designKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
3Koyun, Ahmet ; Yurci, Mehmet Emin ; Sagbas, Binnur ; Durakbasa, M. Numan Evaluation of temperature rise within articulating surfaces of artificial hip joint materialsPräsentation Presentation2012
4Durakbasa, M. Numan ; Osanna, Peter Herbert ; Bas, Gökcen Intelligent Design and Advanced Metrology to Support and Improve Integrated Management Systems for Quality, Environment and Energy in Production EngineeringPräsentation Presentation2012
5Cakmakci, Mehmet ; Ortabas-Demirel, Neslihan ; Durakbasa, M. Numan ; Bas, Gökcen ; Hornikova, Adriana Interaction Between Capability Indices and Skewness of Non-Normal Processes Using Quantile Based Estimation and Johnson TransformationKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
6Bauer, Jorge Martin ; Durakbasa, M. Numan ; Bas, Gökcen Multi Functional Intelligent Measurement Robot, As a Part of a Global Quality Management System for Collaboration Between Small, Medium and Large Scale EnterprisesPräsentation Presentation 2012
7Yurci, Cem ; Gunay Bulutsuz, Asli ; Durakbasa, M. Numan Performance Determination and Calibration of CMMs on the Basis of GPS StandardsPräsentation Presentation2012
8Durakbasa, M. Numan ; Yurci, Mehmet Emin ; Akdogan, Anil ; Yildirim, S. Burak Surface Roughness Measurement Uncertainties Both in Tactile and Optical InstrumentsPräsentation Presentation2012
9Durakbasa, M. Numan ; Bauer, Jorge Martin ; Bas, Gökcen ; Riepl, David Telepresence and Teleoperation in Work Concept of Multifunctional Intelligent Factories: Experience of Telepresence in the Micro and Nano Metrology Laboratory AuM-TU-WienPräsentation Presentation2012