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Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic
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Solo Exhibition
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1Kuhlmann, Dörte Adolf Loos und Joseph Hoffmann - two of a kindPräsentation Presentation2015
2Ludwig, Monika Affine surface areasPräsentation Presentation2008
3Feichtinger, Gustav Age dynamics of learned societies and other fixed-sized populationsPräsentation Presentation2009
4Feichtinger, Gustav Age-structured population dynamicsPräsentation Presentation2007
5Winkler, Reinhard Almost all objects in mathematics are regular, but most are extremely irregularPräsentation Presentation2014
6Zwerger, Klaus Architectural elements considered beyond structural demandsPräsentation Presentation2018
7Lehner, Erich Architecture and identityPräsentation Presentation2017
8Jadric, Mladen Architecture in Parallel UniversesPräsentation Presentation2015
9Mihovilovic, Marko D. Bioorganic Synthesis @ the Cross-Roads of Chemistry & BiologyPräsentation Presentation2015
10Jadric, Mladen Contemporary public space in EuropePräsentation Presentation2014
11Jadric, Mladen Creating a Common GroundPräsentation Presentation2014
12Schuster, Franz Crofton measures and Minkowski valuationsPräsentation Presentation2008
13Schuster, Franz Crofton measures and Minkowski valuationsPräsentation Presentation2008
14Schuster, Franz Crofton measures, Minkowski valuations, and geometric inequalitiesPräsentation Presentation2008
15Kuhlmann, Dörte Current Design Methods in ArchitecturePräsentation Presentation2015
16Pálffy, András ; Jabornegg, Christian Das neue Alte und das alte NeuePräsentation Presentation2010
17Feichtinger, Gustav Demographic aspects of religion - some age-specific modelingPräsentation Presentation2007
18Feichtinger, Gustav Demographic Research in Central EuropePräsentation Presentation2007
19Woracek, Harald Direct and Inverse Spectral Problems for 2-dimensional Hamiltonian SystemsPräsentation Presentation2013
20Zwerger, Klaus Dong people's vanishing building culturePräsentation Presentation2013