8th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (ECCOMAS2022)

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8th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (ECCOMAS2022)
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Event for scientific audience
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1Reismüller, Raphael A Finite-Element-Based Unit Cell Approach for Simulating Vertically Perforated Clay Block MasonryPräsentation Presentation2022
2Wagner, Antonia ; Scheiner, Stefan A Micromechanics-Informed Beam Model of Growing Wood StructuresPresentation Vortrag7-Jun-2022
3Zhang, Jiao-Long ; Mang, Herbert ; Pichler, Bernhard Added Value of Multiscale Modeling of Concrete: Exemplary Assessment by Means of Structural Analysis of Segmentel Tunnel RingsPresentation Vortrag6-Jun-2022
4Key, Fabian ; Elgeti, Stefanie Application of model order reduction to the analysis of polymer processing problemsPresentation Vortrag9-Jun-2022
5Mang, Herbert A. Are the Terms Stiffening/Softening Structures Mechanically Unambigous?Präsentation Presentation2022
6Pohlmann, Roxana ; Hube, Sebastian ; Elgeti, Stefanie Automatic CAD Reconstruction for a Seamless Integration of CAE and DesignPresentation Vortrag6-Jun-2022
7Gonzalez-Cornejo, Felipe ; Elgeti, Stefanie ; Behr, Marek A boundary-conforming mesh-update method for flow problems with topology changesPresentation VortragJun-2022
8Hellmich, Christian Complex Biomechanics: Emergent Patterns from Atoms to PatientsPresentation VortragJun-2022
9Boledi, Leonardo ; Elgeti, Stefanie ; Kowalski, Julia Computational multiphysics modelling to predict the performance of melting probes in icePresentation VortragJun-2022
10Elgeti, Stefanie ; Hube, Sebastian ; Lee, Jaewook ; Wolff, Daniel Intelligent Numerical Design of Components and their Production ProcessesPresentation VortragJun-2022
11Elgeti, Stefanie Introduction to shape optimizationPresentation VortragJun-2022
12Vida, Christoffer ; Lukacevic, Markus ; Füssl, Josef Modeling Approach to Estimate the Bending Strength and Height Effect of Glued Laminated Timber BeamsPresentation VortragJun-2022
13Pichler, Bernhard Multiscale Mechanics of Dental Cement PastePresentation Vortrag6-Jun-2022
14Brandstätter, Florian Numerical Simulation of Moisture-Induced Cracking in Wood exposed to Indoor Climate ConditionsPräsentation Presentation2022
15Zwar, Jacques Marvin ; Elgeti, Stefanie Optimization of extrusion dies comprised of CAD-compliant microstructuresPresentation VortragJun-2022
16Pech, Sebastian ; Lukacevic, Markus ; Füssl, Josef Phase Field Method-Based Modeling of Fracture in WoodPresentation Vortrag6-Jun-2022
17Lee, Jaewook ; Elgeti, Stefanie ; Saelzer, Jannis ; Zabel, Andreas A Spline-Based Framework for Microscopic Lubricated Contact Modelling in Orthogonal CuttingPresentation VortragJun-2022