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Polytechnic University New York
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Event for scientific audience
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New York
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Solo Exhibition
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PreviewAuthors / EditorsTitleTypeIssue Date
1Ludwig, Monika A characterization of Lp-affine surface areaPräsentation Presentation2005
2Ludwig, Monika Additive functions of convex bodiesPräsentation Presentation2002
3Ludwig, Monika Affine Geometry of Convex BodiesPräsentation Presentation2006
4Ludwig, Monika Affinely associated bodiesPräsentation Presentation2004
5Steineder, Christian An introduction to coding sequences and a link to convex geometryPräsentation Presentation2008
6Gruber, Peter M. An overview of the geometry of numbersPräsentation Presentation2009
7Schuster, Franz Classification of Rotation Intertwining Additive Maps and ApplicationsPräsentation Presentation2006
8Schuster, Franz Minkowski valuations and geometric inequalitiesPräsentation Presentation2006
9Ludwig, Monika On affine surface areaPräsentation Presentation2000
10Ludwig, Monika Valuations on polytopesPräsentation Presentation2006