DGA2019 Differential Geometry and its Applications

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DGA2019 Differential Geometry and its Applications
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Event for scientific audience
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Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
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Solo Exhibition
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1Schuster, Franz Affine quermassintegrals and Minkowski valuationsPräsentation Presentation2019
2Temesvari, Daniel Cones generated by random points on half-spheres and convex hulls of Poisson point processesPräsentation Presentation2019
3Izmestiev, Ivan Discrete spherical LaplacianPräsentation Presentation2019
4Kreuml, Andreas Fractional Sobolev norms and BV functions on manifoldsPräsentation Presentation2019
5Ludwig, Monika Geometric valuation theoryPräsentation Presentation2019
6Besau, Florian Polytopal approximation in Hilbert geometriesPräsentation Presentation2019