7th World Conf. on Neutron Radiography

Event name
7th World Conf. on Neutron Radiography
Event type
Event for scientific audience
Start date
End date
Roma (Italy)
Event format Veranstaltungsformat
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1Bächler, S. ; Kardjilov, N. ; Bastürk, M. ; Dierick, M. ; Jolie, J. ; Kühne, G. ; Lehmann, E. ; Vontobel, P. Energy-Selective Neutron Radiography and Tomography with Cold NeutronsPräsentation Presentation2002
2Zawisky, Michael ; Bastürk, M. ; Rehacek, J. Neutron Tomographic Investigations of Strong Absorbing MaterialsPräsentation Presentation2002
3Bastürk, M. ; Kardjilov, N. ; Lehmann, E. ; Rauch, Helmut Non-destructive Neutron Radiography and Tomography Inspection of the future Nuclear Blanket Material (SiC/SiCfPräsentation Presentation2002
4Bastürk, M. ; Kardjilov, N. ; Lehmann, E. ; Zawisky, Michael Radiography Investigation and Monte Carlo Simulations of Boron-alloyed SteelPräsentation Presentation2002