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Applied Superconductivity Conference
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Houston (USA)
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1Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. Application prospects of MgB₂ in view of its basic propertiesPräsentation Presentation2008
2Hengstberger, F. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Hörhager, N. ; Tröstl, J. ; Zehetmayer, Martin ; Weber, Harald W. Comparative evaluation of magnetoscan and trapped field maps in bulk high temperature superconductorsPräsentation Presentation2008
3Viljamaa, J. ; Kováč, Pavol ; Husak, I. ; Melisek, T. ; Reissner, Michael Comparison on effects of B4C, Al2O3, and SiC doping on the performance of MgB2 conductorsPräsentation Presentation2010
4Withnell, T. ; Schöppl, K. ; Durrell, J.H. ; Weber, Harald W. Effects of irradiation of vicinal YBCO thin filmsPräsentation Presentation2008
5Delamare, M. ; Tönies, Susanne ; Pedarnig, J.D. ; Vostner, Alexander ; Bäuerle, D. ; Weber, Harald W. Enhancement of the Transport Properties in A-Axis Oriented YBa2Cu3O7-δPräsentation Presentation2002
6Doyle, T.B. ; Wisniewski, A. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. Equilibrium Behaviour and Critical Current Density in Polcrystalline MgB₂Präsentation Presentation2002
7Haindl, S. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. ; Hari Babu, N. ; Cardwell, D. A. Grain boundaries in multi-seeded melt-grown superconductorsPräsentation Presentation2004
8Hengstberger, F. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. ; Kursumovic, A. ; MacManus-Driscoll, J.L. Irreversible magnetic properties of HLPE coated conductorsPräsentation Presentation2006
9Vostner, Alexander ; Sun, Y. ; Tönies, Susanne ; Weber, Harald W. ; Tomov, R. ; Kursumovic, A. ; Evetts, J. ; Glowacki, B. A. ; Tuissi, A. ; Villa, E. Irreversible Properties of Coated Conductors Deposited by PLD on Biaxially Textured Technical SubstratesPräsentation Presentation2002
10Haindl, S. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Müller, S. ; Prokopec, Rainer ; Weber, Harald W. ; Müller, Martin ; Kirchmayr, Hans ; Takeuchi, T. ; Bargioni, L. Neutron irradiation effects on A15 multifilamentary wiresPräsentation Presentation2004
11Eisterer, Michael ; Schöppl, K. ; Weber, Harald W. ; Sumption, M.D. ; Bhatia, M. Neutron Irradiation of SiC Doped and Magnesium Rich MgB₂ WiresPräsentation Presentation2006
12Zehetmayer, Martin ; Fuger, R. ; Hengstberger, F. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. Quantitative analysis of local inhomogeneities in long coated conductors measured by the magnetoscan techniquePräsentation Presentation2008
13Fuger, R. ; Hengstberger, F. ; Weber, Harald W. Scan techniques for coated conductorsPräsentation Presentation2006
14Weber, Harald W. Study of coated conductors for high field applications in a radiation environmentPräsentation Presentation2014
15Gonzalez-Arrabal, Raquel ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. ; Fuchs, G. ; Verges, P. ; Krabbes, G. ; Tomita, M. ; Murakami, M. Temperature Dependence of the Trapped Field and Mechanical Properties of Neutron Irradiated Y-123 Bulk SuperconductorsPräsentation Presentation2002
16Shikov, A.K. ; Pantsyrny, V.I. ; Kozlenkova, N.I. ; Potanina, L. ; Vasiliev, R.M. ; Gubkin, I.N. ; Nikulenkov, E.V. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Emhofer, J. ; Fuger, R. ; Schöppl, R. ; Sauerzopf, Franz ; Weber, Harald W. The effect of thermo-mechanical treatments on Jc(T,B) and Tcs of NbTi-strandsPräsentation Presentation2008
17Tönies, Susanne ; Weber, Harald W. ; Heiml, O. ; Eder, M. Tl-1223 Thick Films - A Competitor for Coated Conductors ?Präsentation Presentation2002
18Fuger, R. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. YBCO coated conductors for fusion magnetsPräsentation Presentation2008