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1Calajo, G. Atom-photon interactions at the speed of lightPräsentation Presentation2016
2Astner, Thomas Coherent coupling of distant NV- spin ensembles via a superconducting quantum busPräsentation Presentation2016
3de Bernardis, Daniele Instability and non-linear dynamics in polariton condensatesPräsentation Presentation2016
4Xiang, Zeliang ; Zhang, M. ; Jiang, L. ; Rabl, Peter Intra-city quantum communication via microwave thermal networksPräsentation Presentation2016
5Trinker, M. Neutron diffraction from one-dimensional phase gratingsPräsentation Presentation2006
6Filipp, Stefan Off-diagonal geometric phases for mixed statesPräsentation Presentation2003
7Ghobadi, Rooholla Opto-mechanical micro-macro entanglementPräsentation Presentation2013
8Asadian, Ali Probing macroscopic realism via Ramsey correlation measurementsPräsentation Presentation2013
9Trinker, M. Production of artificial periodic silicon structuresPräsentation Presentation2004
10Perrin, Aurélien Second order coherence across the Bose-Einstein condensation thresholdPräsentation Presentation2009
11Van Frank, Sandrine ; Bücker, Robert ; Grond, J. ; Manz, Stefanie ; Berrada, Tarik ; Betz, Th. ; Koller, Christian ; Hohenester, U. ; Schumm, Thorsten ; Perrin, Aurélien ; Schmiedmayer, Hannes-Jörg Single-mode twin-atom beamsPräsentation Presentation2011
12Hasegawa, Yuji Stopped LightPräsentation Presentation2003