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SCENET Workshop
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Event for scientific audience
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San Feliu de Guixols (Spain)
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1Cardwell, D. A. ; Babu, N.H. ; Shi, Y. ; Iida, K. ; Withnell, T. ; Weber, Harald W. ; Haindl, S. Bulk nano composites and the development of a new seedPräsentation Presentation2005
2Krutzler, C. ; Zehetmayer, Martin ; Weber, Harald W. Comparison of anisotropy in carbon doped MgB₂ with neutron irradiated single crystalsPräsentation Presentation2005
3Krutzler, C. ; Zehetmayer, Martin ; Weber, Harald W. ; Karpinski, J. Comparison of the anisotropy in carbon doped and neutron irradiated single crystalsPräsentation Presentation2005
4Fuger, R. ; Hengstberger, F. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. Critical currents and their homogeneity in coated conductorsPräsentation Presentation2006
5Eisterer, Michael ; Zehetmayer, Martin ; Weber, Harald W. Critical currents in single crystalline MgB₂ superconductorsPräsentation Presentation2003
6Eisterer, Michael Current Percolation in Polycrystalline MgB₂Präsentation Presentation2005
7Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. Implications of the intrinsic properties of MgB₂ for power applicationsPräsentation Presentation2005
8Krutzler, C. ; Zehetmayer, Martin ; Weber, Harald W. ; Zhigadlo, N.D. ; Karpinski, J. Modification of the irreversible magnetic properties in MgB₂ single crystals by carbon doping and neutron irradiationPräsentation Presentation2006
9Zehetmayer, Martin Neutron irradiation of MgB₂ single crystals. Effects on irreversible propertiesPräsentation Presentation2005
10Zehetmayer, Martin ; Krutzler, C. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Jun, J. ; Kazakov, S. M. ; Karpinski, J. ; Birajdar, B. ; Eibl, O. Neutron irradiation of superconducting MgB₂ single crystalsPräsentation Presentation2005
11Haindl, S. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. ; Shlyk, L. ; Krabbes, G. ; Hari Babu, N. ; Cardwell, D. A. ; Walter, H. Novel Methods to Characterize Bulk RE-BCO SuperconductorsPräsentation Presentation2005
12Weber, Harald W. Radiation effects on U-doped Bi-2223 tapes and Tl-1223 thick films, Y-123 coated conductors and bulksPräsentation Presentation2003