The 17th International Conference on Magnetism (ICM)

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The 17th International Conference on Magnetism (ICM)
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Event for scientific audience
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Kyoto, Japan
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1Müller, Martin ; Kaldarar, Heinrich ; Kriegisch, Martin ; Michor, Herwig ; Hilscher, Gerfried ; Bauer, Ernst ; Scheidt, Ernst-Wilhelm Evolution of the superconducting and magnetic state in Ce(Pt, M)3Si, with M = Pd and NiPräsentation Presentation2006
2Hilscher, Gerfried ; Bauer, Ernst ; Kaldarar, Heinrich ; Michor, Herwig ; Scheidt, E.W. ; Rogl, Peter Franz ; Gribanov, A. ; Seropegin, Y Formation and low temperature physics of ternary CePt2SiPräsentation Presentation2006
3Rotter, M. ; Doerr, Mathias ; El Massalami, M ; Michor, Herwig Magnetoelastic paradox: Absence of symmetry-breaking distortions below TN in antiferromagnetic systems without orbital momentPräsentation Presentation2006
4Amato, A. ; Bauer, Ernst Muon-spin spectroscopy studies of the heavy Fermion superconductor CePt3SiPräsentation Presentation2006
5Bauer, Ernst ; Hilscher, Gerfried ; Michor, Herwig ; Grytsiv, Andriy ; Rogl, Peter Franz ; Kockelmann, W.A. ; Hillier, A.D. ; Adroja, D.T. ; Park, J.-G. Neutron scatterig and µSR studies on the skutterudite PrFe4Sb12Präsentation Presentation2006
6Michor, Herwig ; Dobozanov, D. ; Horyn, A. ; Bauer, Ernst ; Müller, Martin ; Reissner, Michael ; Hilscher, Gerfried Single crystal studies of the itinerant electron metamagnetism in LaCo9Si4Präsentation Presentation2006
7Siemensmeyer, K. ; Bauer, Ernst ; Gabáni, S. ; Kaldarar, Heinrich ; Lonkai, Th. ; Matas, S. ; Pavlik, V. ; Priputen, P. ; Shitsevalova, N. ; Flachbart, K. Unusual neutron scattering patterns in HoB12 above and below TNPräsentation Presentation2006