Workshop "New Frontiers of Quantum Chaos in Mesoscopic Systems"

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Workshop "New Frontiers of Quantum Chaos in Mesoscopic Systems"
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Event for scientific audience
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MPI Dresden, Germany
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1Libisch, Florian ; Möller, J. ; Rotter, Stefan ; Vavilov, Maxim G. ; Burgdörfer, Joachim Decreasing excitation gap in Andreev billiards by disorder scatteringPräsentation Presentation2008
2Rotter, Stefan ; Tureci, Hakan ; Alhassid, Yoram ; Stone, A. Douglas Kondo effect in a mesoscopic interacting electron systemPräsentation Presentation2008
3Brezinova, Iva ; Stampfer, Christoph ; Wirtz, Ludger ; Rotter, Stefan ; Burgdörfer, Joachim Semiclassical theory for transport through quantum billiards: from qualitative reasoning to quantitative agreementPräsentation Presentation2008
4Kopp, Marten ; Schomerus, Henning ; Rotter, Stefan Staggered level repulsion of transmission eigenvalues in mesoscopic systems with a lead-transporting symmetryPräsentation Presentation2008
5Tureci, Hakan ; Ge, Li ; Rotter, Stefan ; Stone, A. Douglas Strong interactions in diffusive random lasersPräsentation Presentation2008