4th Annual Meeting of the EU network ITS-LEIF

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4th Annual Meeting of the EU network ITS-LEIF
Event type
Event for scientific audience
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Platja d'Aro, Girona/Spain
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1Aumayr, Friedrich Cluster ion-induced electron emission from metal surfaces - ITS LEIF beam time proposal P09083 APräsentation Presentation2009
2Kowarik, Gregor ; Ginzel, Rainer ; Higgins, S. ; Mrowczynski, P. ; Crespo López-Urrutia, J.R. ; Aumayr, Friedrich ; Ullrich, J. Design of an ion deceleration platform for the investigation of slow ion-surface interactions and ion-atom collisionsPräsentation Presentation2009
3Aumayr, Friedrich Electron emission from thin films of C60 - ITS LEIF beam time proposal P09075 ZPräsentation Presentation2009
4Vasko, Christoph ; Gösselsberger, Christoph ; Heller, R. ; Kowarik, Gregor ; Ginzel, Rainer ; Facsko, S. ; Maunoury, L. ; Crespo López-Urrutia, J.R. ; Papaléo, R.M. ; Ullrich, J. ; Möller, W. ; Toulemonde, M. ; Aumayr, Friedrich Investigation of nanodefects induced by impact of slow highly charged ions on isolatorsPräsentation Presentation2009
5Aumayr, Friedrich Nanopatterning and modifications of surfaces - Status report of JRA6 - a joint research activity of ITS-LEIFPräsentation Presentation2009
6Aumayr, Friedrich Nanostructures created on BaF2 and KBr surfaces by the potential energy of decelerated highly charged ions - ITS LEIF beam time proposal P09074 HPräsentation Presentation2009
7Kowarik, Gregor The influence of external electric fields onto capillary guiding - ITS LEIF beam time proposal P09076 APräsentation Presentation2009
8Wachter, Georg ; Lemell, Christoph ; Betz, Gerhard ; Tökési, K. ; Burgdörfer, Joachim Track formation in ion-insulator interactionsPräsentation Presentation2009
9Kowarik, Gregor ; Gruber, E. ; Iskratsch, Kai ; Aumayr, Friedrich Using a current method for measuring ion induced kinetic electron emission from LiFPräsentation Presentation2009