28th Workshop on Novel Materials and Superconductivity

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28th Workshop on Novel Materials and Superconductivity
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Event for scientific audience
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Planneralm, Österreich
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1Pieper, Martin ; Ali, Tahir ; Michor, Herwig ; Reissner, Michael A NMR view on the quaternary superconductor La₃Ni₂B₂N₃Präsentation Presentation2013
2Arinicheva, O.A. ; Lileev, A.S. ; Lukin, A.A. ; Reissner, Michael Effect of heat treatment modes on the structure and magnetic properties of sintered permanent magnets based on Sm(Co,Fe,Zr)zPräsentation Presentation2013
3Müller, D. ; Knoll, C. ; Stöger, B. ; Artner, W. ; Reissner, Michael ; Weinberger, P. [Fe(3ditz)₂](BF₄)2: A rare example of a strongly cooperative spin transition behavior of a 1D-chain-type coordination polymer using a per se flexible ligandPräsentation Presentation2013
4Lackner, P. ; Pajic, D. ; Novosel, N. ; Zadro, K. ; Reissner, Michael ; Stöger-Pollach, Michael Influence of SiO₂ coating on the magnetic behavior of amorphous FeNiB nanoparticlesPräsentation Presentation2013
5Pimenov, Andrei Metamaterials and negative refractionPräsentation Presentation2013
6Valli, Angelo Size control of charge-orbital order in half-doped manganite La0.5Ca0.5MnO3Präsentation Presentation2013
7Pimenov, Anna Synthesis and magnetic dynamics of multiferroic chromatesPräsentation Presentation2013
8Zhong, Zhicheng Theory of spin-orbit coupling at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 surfacesPräsentation Presentation2013
9Wissgott, Philipp ; Assmann, Elias ; Kunes, J. ; Toschi, Alessandro ; Blaha, Peter ; Held, Karsten woptic: optical conductivity with Wannier functions and adaptive k-mesh refinementPräsentation Presentation2013