Event name
DPG-Frühjahrstagung 2018
Event type
Event for scientific audience
Start date
End date
Erlangen, Germany
Event format Veranstaltungsformat
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1Asadian, Ali Enhanced entanglement detection criterion via symmetric informationaly complete positive operator-valued measures ​Präsentation Presentation2018
2Schneeweiß, Philipp Ground state cooling of atoms 300nm away from a hot surfacePräsentation Presentation2018
3Haslinger, Philipp Probing the forces of blackbody radiation and dark energy with matter wavesPräsentation Presentation2018
4Blaha, Martin Towards chiral cavity quantum electrodynamics with ensembles of atoms around an optical nanofiberPräsentation Presentation2018
5Masters, Luke Towards the realisation of an atom trap in the evanescent field of a WGM-microresonatorPräsentation Presentation2018